Curriculum & Programs Committee

AY 16-17 Membership; Updated June, 2016



Name Position Department Term# Ends
Banta, Ryer Member - V Library 1 6/17
Oswald, Amaryllis Member - V Students 1 6/16
Hartshorn, Tony Member - V Agriculture 2 6/18
Nelson, Andrew Member - V Arts & Architecture 1 6/18 
Jeppson, Nate Member - V Business 6/18
Koltz, Rebecca Member - V Education & HHD 1 6/17
Richards, Abigail Chair - V Engineering 2 6/17 
Greenwood, Mark Member - V Letters & Science 6/18 
Greene, Margaret Member - V Letters & Science 1 6/17
Ahrens, Susan Member - V Nursing 6/17 
Haskins, Ryan Member - V Gallatin College Programs 2 6/18
Larsen, Ron Ex officio Academic Affairs, Associate Provost - ----
Donnelly, Diane Ex officio University Studies - ----
Gresswell, Kandi Ex officio Associate Registrar - ----
Beck, Carina Ex officio Student Success - ----
Wilmer, Franke Ex officio - V Faculty Senate - ----
Babcock, Michael Chair Faculty Senate Chair Elect 1 6/17
Cherry, Steve Member Mathematics 2 6/15
Downs, Doug Member English 2 6/15
Brown, William F. Member Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship 6/16
Ostergaard, Kirsten Member Library 1 6/16
Vacant Member      


The Curriculum & Programs Committee shall review proposals for all undergraduate programs (proposals for new majors, minors, degrees, certificates, programs, centers, institutes, the CORE curriculum) and courses, request for changes, additions, or deletions of courses and programs on a continuing basis.  The committee shall consider such aspects as academic soundness, impact on library and other institutional resources, impacts on existing programs, fiscal soundness, duplication of effort, conflicts of academic interest, and fit within the University's strategic plan and academic strategic plan. 




The Curriculum & Programs Committee (C&PC) shall be comprised of the following voting members: one (1) chair, one (1) student member, one (1) member from each College with the exception of Letters and Science which shall have two (2) members (one from Letters and one from Science), one (1) member from the Library, and one (1) member from Gallatin College Programs. The chair-elect of Faculty Senate will also be a voting exofficio member of the C&PC but not serve as C&PC chair.
The C&PC also will include one (1) non-voting ex officio member from each of the following – Registrar's Office, University Studies, Office of Student Success, and the Associate Provost.

Voting Members: Faculty representing each academic college (two from Letters and Science), the Library, student member, Gallatin College Programs, & the Chair.
Non-Voting Ex Officio Members: One representative from the Registrar's Office, University Studies, Office of Student Success, and the Associate Provost.

Length of Term

Voting Members: Two-year term, limit of two consecutive terms, staggered.

Elected By

Voting members of the C&PC shall be nominated and voted into office by each College, with the exception of the Chair-elect of Faculty Senate and the student member, who will be elected by Faculty Senate and ASMSU from among their representative bodies.  Voting C&PC members shall select their chair from among the elected members of the committee.  The chair shall be ratified by Faculty Senate.  The elected chair of the C&PC will provide periodic reports to Faculty Senate, as requested.



Advisory To

Faculty Senate, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reports Due

As requested