Core 2.0 University Seminar Steering Committee 

FY14/15 Membership; Updated September 2014

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Name Position Department Term# Ends
Igo, Carl Member Agricultural Education 1 8/15
Profota, Terry Member Business 1 8/15
Pittendrigh, Adele Member Letters & Science 1 8/15
Dungan, Erica Member Letters & Science 1 8/15
McLaughlin, David Member Communication 1 8/15
Downey, Jayne Member Education 1 8/15
Hostetler, Jeff Member Gallatin College Programs 1 8/15
Vacant Member Honors 1 8/15
Greenwood, Teresa Member Liberal Studies 1 8/15
Storment, Ryan Member University Studies 1 8/15
Smith, Nora Member-At Large Assistant Dean, Agriculture ----- -----


Support development of CORE 2.0 Inquiry courses; determine which courses fulfill CORE 2.0 criteria and approve them for a period of six years, after which they will be reviewed for continued inclusion in the core; determine which courses need additional development to meet CORE 2.0 criteria (may receive two-year approval); provide support for faculty teaching these courses by creating opportunities for faculty to discuss what the criteria are really calling for and how the learning outcomes might be realized; clarify goals of the Inquiry area and recommend policies to address concerns that may arise; manage the assessment of all Inquiry courses and make recommendations to the CORE 2.0 Committee.


As required


Voting Members: Seven faculty members appointed by Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education from college dean and Faculty Senate nominations. Selection based on faculty demonstrated commitment to general education and to ensure broad representation.

Length of Term

Faculty: Three years, renewable, staggered


Current-- Emily Edwards
Title-- Director, University Studies
Appointed By--Provost from college dean and Faculty Senate nominations.

Advisory To

CORE 2.0 Committee

Reports Due

As requested.