Internet Services Committee

FY09-10 Membership; Updated August 12, 2009



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Name Position Department Term# Ends
Boyd, John Ritchie Chair Academic Technology Specialist -- ----
Bennett, Sam Ex Officio Alumni Association/Foundation -- ----
Burk, Steve Jason Ex Officio Technology Manager, Admissions -- ----
Clark, Jason Ex Officio Libraries -- ----
Crowe, Sheila Ex Officio ResNet Director, RLUFS -- ----
Dolan, Jake Ex Officio Director of Web Communications -- ----
Green, Bernard John Ex Officio Research -- ----
Hardin, Brandon Ex Officio MSU Webmaster -- ----
Henley, Jeana Ex Officio Dir., Accounting and Financial Reporting -- ----
Hoppe, Marianne Ex Officio Sys/Network/Web Manager-Northern -- ----
Jacobs, Gwen A Ex Officio Asst CIO for Academic Computing -- ----
Jaynes, Mari Ex Officio Tech. Serv. & Support-Billings -- ----
Milkovich, Anne Ex Officio Luminis Project Manager, ITC -- ----
Parsons, Pam Ex Officio Comm/Extended Learning-Great Falls -- ----
Vacant Ex Officio ASMSU -- ----
Sullivan, Leslie Ex Officio MSU Great Falls -- ----
Veltkamp, Millie Ex Officio Extension IT Specialist -- ----
Wardinsky, Ken Ex Officio CTO-Great Falls -- ----


  1. Provide advice and guidance for ITC and other related MSU entities, for all aspects of the daily operation, maintenance and strategic enhancement of MSU's internet access, as well as its various internet-based services such as the MSU web site, the portal, Libraries access, distance education access, and various online payment applications.
  2. Provide the ETAC regular reports on the scope and status of the University's internet services.
  3. Recommend to the ETAC pertinent policies, major procedures, significant strategic initiatives, and extensive internet service enhancements, for its review and endorsement.




As shown, all voting, ex-officio.

Length of Term

Term of Office

Appointed By

Chair, Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee.


Current--Ritchie Boyd
Title--Academic Technology Specialist
Appointed By--Vice President for Administration & Finance
Length of Term--Term of Office

Advisory To

Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee

Reports Due

  1. Monthly submittal of meeting Agenda and Summary.
  2. Annual submittal of activities report.
  3. Others, at request of Enterprise Technology Advisory Committee.