Doriane Keiser

Doriane Keiser, a Junior in Psychology and Community Health, won a Udall Scholarship in the health care category.

The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to college sophomores and juniors for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment.

The Udall Foundation was established by the U.S. Congress in 1992 as an independent executive branch agency to honor Morris K. Udall's lasting impact on this nation's environment, public lands, and natural resources, and his support of the rights and self-governance of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

The 1998 Environmental Policy and Conflict Resolution Act created the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution as a program of the Udall Foundation to assist parties in resolving environmental, public lands, and natural resources conflicts nationwide that involve federal agencies or interests.

In 2009, Congress enacted legislation to honor Stewart L. Udall and add his name to the Udall Foundation.

MSU has produced 10 Udall Scholars. Meet some of our students, and learn more about their experiences, below.


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Meet our Udall Scholars

Doriane Keiser | 2024


Doriane Keiser

"'Growing up seeing examples of how mental health issues can affect an individual ended up leading me to want to pursue an education in the mental health realm. Losing my sister just solidified my passion and drive to gain the ability to help other individuals who are struggling like my little sister.'"

Learn more about Doriane's experience>>

Hometown: Wolfpoint, Montana

Field of Study: Psychology and Community Health; minors in Human Development and Sociology

Andrea Storer | 2023


Andrea Storer

"'Ifeel pretty lucky to have a calling that I know I’ll enjoy. The Udall Scholarship will help me achieve my dream of being a pediatrician,' she said. 'I have pretty much the same goal no matter what I do. That’s just what I think my purpose is.'"

Learn more about Andrea's experience>>

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Field of Study: Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Cassandra Baker | 2022


Cassandra Baker

“We are experiencing a loss of language,” Baker said. She explained that she is developing tasks that will model the loss of the language and determine numbers of speakers needed to ensure survival.


Learn more about Cassandra's experience>>

Hometown: Lame Deer, Montana 

Field of study: Math Education

Atticus Cummings | 2022


Atticus Cummings

"Cummings’ degree encompasses work in the College of Arts and Architecture, the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering and the College of Letters and Science.  His current research is the engineering behind a building material that can sequester plastic waste and carbon."

Learn more about Atticus's experience>>

Hometown: Bozeman, Montana

Field of study: Interdisciplinary Studies

Brianna Bull Shows | 2019


Brianna Bull Shows

“I’ve always known that I wanted to be a doctor and come back to my reservation,” Bull Shows said. “I think how I could be valuable on my reservation is by being an internal medicine doctor. I want to make a big difference in my community … and create community-driven programs focusing on improving the health of the Crow people.”

Learn more about Brianna's experience>>

Hometown: Pryor, Montana

Field of Study: Microbiology


Kyle Alderman | 2018


Kyle Alderman

"Alderman said he would like to develop solar power projects on the Northern Cheyenne reservation, which would create jobs and contribute to economic development. The undertaking would combine his electrical engineering training and the resources he will gain from being selected as one of 10 awardees in the Tribal Public Policy category."

Learn more about Kyle's experience>>

Homewtown: Lame Deer, Montana

Field of Study: Electrical Engineering


Matthew Bain | 2017


Matthew Bain

“Not only will the money help me to continue my education, but the Udall Scholars’ community is full of highly accomplished people who will help connect me to new opportunities. I spend a lot of my time working with clubs and doing research, which doesn’t leave me enough time to hold a job during the school year. This scholarship will allow me to keep dedicating my time toward the causes that I believe in.”

Learn more about Matthew's experience>>

Hometown: Missoula, Montana

Fields of Study: Environmental Sciences, Hispanic Studies


Elva Faye Agnes Dorsey | 2016



"After graduation, Dorsey plans to return to the reservation to work on social issues through tribal policy and government. She also plans to work with the tribe to set up savings accounts for children who are born as enrolled members to use for education, a small business or a down payment on a home. She is looking to consult with MSU’s Blackstone LaunchPad on a feasibility study to open a manufacturing center on the reservation. And, she wants to set up a business incubator to help community members start their own businesses."

Learn more about Elva's experience>>

Hometown: Browning, Montana

Field of Study: Business Management


Montana Wilson | 2016


Montana Wilson

"After graduation, Wilson plans to work on the reservation for a year or two before heading to graduate school to study economic development. Ultimately, he wants to focus on economic development for Native nations to better life on the reservation."

Learn more about Montana's experience>>

Hometown: Poplar, Montana

Fields of Study: Economics, Political Science, Native American Studies


Emery Three Irons | 2014

Emery Three Irons

"Three Irons is initiating a project to use geographic information systems, or GIS, mapping technology to chart where on the Crow Indian Reservation tribal members continue to show fluency in their native language. In addition to his language project, which is affiliated with a statewide effort to help Montana tribes preserve their linguistic heritage, Three Irons also will be working on assignments to clarify Crow political districts, subdivisions, historic sites and infrastructure."

Learn more about Emery's experience>>

Hometown: Crow Agency, Montana

Field of Study: Geospatial & Environmental Analysis


Cara Thuringer | 2014


Cara Thuringer

"That interest has led Thuringer to become involved in several MSU activities related to the environment. She was the sole student representative on the University Facilities Planning Board during the year ending in October, which allowed her to give input on the design and renovations of campus buildings. She has been a student senator with the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU) and belongs to the Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations (NECO)"

Learn more about Cara's experience>>

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Field of Study: Environmental Studies, Photography


Blake Bjornson | 2013


Blake Bjornson

"Bjornson has done much to change the MSU campus, Lee said. In addition to serving as student body president, Bjornson has been at the forefront of bringing MSU up to green standards. He was president, as a sophomore, of MSU's Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations (NECO). As a member of the Strategic Planning Council, Bjornson insistently advocated for inclusion of the sustainability goals contained in MSU's strategic plan."

Learn more about Blake's experience>>

Hometown: Whitefish, Montana

Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering



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