Currently taught courses

BIOE 428 Freshwater Ecology (Fall and Spring semesters)

This course examines relationships between freshwater organisms and their environment. We learn about the ecology of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and wetlands, with exposure to a wide diversity of organisms and processes. Emphasis is placed on linking basic concepts and real-world applications.

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BIOE 535 Topics in Biodiversity and Nature's Services (Spring in even years)

This course disentangles and integrates ecological research topics of positive interactions, facilitation, foundation species, eco/evo dynamics, and biodiversity and ecosystem services. Class sessions are discussion-based, and we practice research techniques related to literature review and meta-analysis. 

BIOE 597 Ecology of Trout Streams (Summer in even years)

This course uses field and laboratory activities to examine the ecology of trout, the habitats where they live, and the food that they eat. The course is part of the M.S. degree in Science Education (MSSE) for middle and high school science teachers and is co-taught with Dr. Christine Verhille.


Previously taught courses

BIOE 370 General Ecology 

This course examines the relationships between organisms and their environment. We learn about the composition, structure, function, and distribution of populations, communities, and ecosystems. Emphasis is placed on population ecology, including demography and population dynamics.

Gallatin River, Montana