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Associate Professor


Jade Ortiz

Jade Ortiz

Post-Doctoral Scholar



Energy flux across aquatic-terrestrial boundaries during drought disturbance

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Sam Fritz, M.S.

Ph.D. Student



Ecosystem engineers in the hyporheic zone

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Anna French

M.S. Student[at]


Ecosystem engineers across disturbance gradients

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Zach Maguire

M.S. Student



Effects of tributary confluences on macroinvertebrates

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Alzada Roche

M.S. Student



Effects of temperature and oxygen stress on salmonflies

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Gus Armijo

Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Niah Brass

Undergraduate Research Assistant

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Lydia Bushey 

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Past lab members

Grace Ewing, Research Technician

Jack Hammond, Research Technician

John Hobgood, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Benjamin Tumolo, PhD student (2022)

Sophia Swart, Research Technician

Michelle Briggs, M.S. Student (2020) and Data Analyst

Grace Davenport, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Michael MacDonald, M.S. Student (2020) and Data Analyst

Chad Shelton, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ji Sean Long, Undergraduate Research Assistant

J. Holden Reinert, M.S. Student (2020)

Maggie LaRue, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hailey Gelzer, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Heidi Anderson, M.S. Student (2018)

Morgan Solomon, Research Technician

Chet Stefan, Undergraduate Outreach and Videography Assistant

Charlotte Hoover, Research Technician

Andrew Horvath, Research Technician

Tanner Cox,  Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cailey Philmon, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Nate Beckman, Research Technician

Niall Clancy, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Chelsey Rasmussen, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Yuka Tsutsui, Lab Technician