fall 19

Our lab investigates human attention, memory, and language processes.

In the attention domain, we focus on peoples' ability (or inability) to control attention and how this influences performance across a variety of tasks including word recognition/pronunciation, memory for word lists, and inhibiting dominant (but inappropriate) responses.

In the memory and language domains, we focus on both beneficial and detrimental effects of context on word recognition and memory.

Another goal of our research is to understand how cognitive control over performance changes across situations and across individuals. In addition to examining individual differences in attentional control among young adults, we also test healthy older adults from the community to examine potential changes in control with age.  



  • Instructional and proportional manipulations in semantic priming and Stroop tasks.
  • Examining focused attention versus mind wandering when controlling eye movements
  • Discriminating healthy aging from the earliest stages of Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Individual differences in working memory capacity.
  • Discrimination of "real" from "false" memories.


Lab Data Files