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Past Graduate StudentsPast Graduate StudentsPast Graduate StudentsMariana Olsen (M.S, 2014): Applying to PhD programs in Animal Cognition this fall..Suzanna Powell (M.S, 2014): Ph.D. student in Dr. Julie Bugg's Cognitive Control and Aging Lab at Washington University in St. Louis.Chad Moffitt (M.S, 2013): Ph.D. student in Dr. Jason Watson's Cognitive Science Lab at the University of Utah.Shelly Winward-Heap (M.S, 2012): Shelly currently lives in Bozeman with her husband Chet and their new baby Vera, born in December, 2012.Kristina Rand (M.S, 2009): Ph.D. student in Dr. Sarah Creem-Regehr's Visual Perception and Spatial Cognition lab at the University of Utah.Emily Cohen-Shikora (Post-Grad Research Assoc, 2007-2009): Ph.D. student in Dr. David Balota's Cognitive Psychology Lab at Wahington University in St. LouisDr. Zach Shipstead (M.S., 2007; Ph.D., 2011, Georgia Tech University). Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, West Campus.Dr. Ann Lambert (M.S., 2006; Ph.D., 2011, University of Utah). Currently Postdoc at University of Virginia.Dr. Jesse Bengson (M.S., 2005; Ph.D., 2011, U.C. Davis). Currently visiting professor at Bates College in Maine.Dr. Frank Bosco (M.S., 2005 with mentor Rick Block; Ph.D., 2011, University of Memphis). Currently Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.Mark Huff (M.S., 2009 with mentor Michelle Meade; Ph.D., 2013, University of Calgary). Currently Post Doc in Dr. David Balota's Cognitive Psychology Lab at Wahington University in St. Louis. Sara Davis (M.S., 2010 with mentor Michelle Meade). Currently Ph.D. student in Jason Chan's Memory and Education Lab at Iowa State University.

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Former PhD Students [MSU PhD program started 2015]

Tom Heyman, Ph.D. 2016 KU Leuven (Co-Chair with Gert Storms): Assistant Professor, Leiden University.

Mariana Olsen, PhD 2018: Instructor at Montana State


Former Master's Studnets 

Jesse Bengson, M.S., 2005: PhD U.C. Davis. 

Ann Lambert, M.S., 2006: PhD Univ of Utah

Zach Shipstead, M.S., 2007: PhD Georgia Tech

Kristina Rand, M.S., 2009: PhD Univ of Utah

Shelly Hood, M.S. 2011

Chad Moffitt, M.S., 2013: PhD Univ of Utah

Mariana Olsen, M.S., 2014: PhD MSU

Susanna Powell, M.S., 2014: PhD program MSU

Ted Maldonado, M.S., 2015: PhD Texas A&M

Beth Larson, M.S., 2016