What does learning as a college student mean? Normally it means between the ages of 18-20, attending soon after high school, and not alway sure of a desired career path. New college students are expected to work hard, to look up and make eye contact with the teacher, and to graduate if four to five years under their own initiative.  

However, returning students do this better than anyone and consistantly recieve less credit. Returning students leave MSU to learn what they will be contributing to after they graduate. They know their direction, or they know that thye desperately need one. Out of every student in an MSU classroom, a returning student will speak out the loudest and express themselves most sincerely during each discussion.

Yet after spending time away from school, support for these outstanding memebers of the MSU community begins to dimminish. Their available time in a day is taken up by work and often family matters, making school harder to attend. MSU's most accessible student funding, its merit based scholarships, are not available to returning students. 

But they keep coming back. We need your help to ease their transition. 

$1,000 dollars will cover the cost of books and surprise expenses for each students' first year back at MSU but every cent counts. Learn more about our scholars here.

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