Return-to-Learn Scholars Program
Faculty & Staff Referral

The goal of the Return-to-Learn Scholars Programs is to provide a supportive environment for students to return to MSU after taking time off. This support is comprised of working with the student to clear holds and begin the registration process; financial scholarships; career, success, and financial coaching with AYCSS staff; free tutoring with the SmartyCats Program; and a variety of leadership, networking, and mentoring opportunities.
Please help us identify students who may benefit from this program. These students may include: 

  • Students who have left MSU and you wish to nominate their return to MSU.  With your permission, we will cite your name in our outreach efforts, so the prospective returning student knows the nomination for their return to MSU is originated by you.
  • Current students who have expressed to you that they will leave the university during or at the conclusion of the semester.  We will confirm they are not registered for the next semester before we communicate information on how to best return to MSU.

Once identified, Return-to-Learn staff will reach out to the student and offer assistance with either staying at or returning to MSU.

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Student Information
Faculty & Staff Information
Current or Returning Students

Thank you for taking the time to refer a current or past student to the Return-to-Learn Scholars Program.
Please get in touch with us with any and all questions and comments.

Deborah Albin
Associate Director, Adult Education, Success & Access Programs
[email protected]