Research Areas

  • Cellulosic nanomaterials – synthesis, functionalization and novel applications
  • Utilization of cellulosic materials in bio-composites
  • Biopolymer composites processing and characterization
  • Value addition of agricultural by-products for commercial application
  • Distillers dry grain with solubles (DDGS) and soybean oil derivatives
  • Understanding durability engineering of composite materials


  • Federal and national grants from NSF, NIST, NSF EPSCoR, USDA, and ND-EPSCoR NASA, Cotton Inc.
  • State funding from ND Industrial Commission, ND Soybean Board, ND Corn Utilization Council, Agricultural Products Utilization Commission, and SBARE.

Ongoing Projects

  1. PI – Bioinspired Tuning of Nano Cellulose for Creating a Safe Fire Retardant for Polymer Composites. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology
  2. Collaborator - Stretch Broken Fiber Material Forms for Primary Aerospace Structure. U.S. Army Research lab (ARL)
  3. PI – Novel Nanocellulose Based Fire Retardant for Polymer Composites. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-AFRI)
  4. Co-PI – Corn Starch Hydrogel as Unpaved Road Dust Suppressant. ND Corn Council.
  5. Co-PI – A New Corn Product for Winter Maintenance of ND roads. ND Corn Council.
  6. Co-PI – Value Addition of Corn DDGS by Fiber Extraction and Applications of DDGS Fiber to Manufacture Low Density Particleboards. ND Corn Council.
  7. PI – Development of Corn DDGS Based Composite Filament for 3D Printer. ND Corn Council.