Providing end to end support, leads and educational resources that connect researchers across diverse disciplines with external grants and other funding opportunities that are aligned with the arts, architecture and the creative industries at large.

We can help you with...

  • Planning and Preparing
  • Grant Prospect Research
  • Identifying Funding Opportunities
  • Grant Writing
  • Application
  • Application Review
  • Strategic planning
  • Foundation registration
  • Eligibility Verification
  • First Contact
  • Drafting a Letter of Intent
  • Compliance questions
  • Data Gathering
  • Compiling Required and Supporting Documents
  • Grant Development
  • Final Review before Submission
  • Application Tracking
  • Project Implementation
  • Post award management

Pre-Grant Support

Grant Development

  • Research potential funding resources for CAA faculty and staff and align those opportunities with defined research areas and needs.

  • Verify project and applicant eligibility.

  • Assist with fine tuning the initial concept.

  • Acquaint the applicant with processes, protocols and expectations related to successful extramural grant acquisition.

  • Advise on compliance issues and conflicts of interest.

  • Provide guidance on program design and budgeting.

  • Make recommendations on related curriculum development.

  • Facilitate communication with administrative support staff from multiple institutions as needed.

  • Connect the applicant with other campus and Montana University System (MUS) researchers for interdisciplinary collaborations.

Managing The Grant Application Process

  • Register institution with grant making foundation.

  • Provide grant maker specific proposal outlines.

  • Draft letters of inquiry

  • Assist in crafting language to align project with agency and grant program goals.

  • Support applicant in managing timelines for proposal submission.

  • Compile and prepare for submission required and supporting documents.

  • Review and edit letter of inquiry and grant proposal prior to submission to ensure language is clear, concise, and meets the requirements of the grant makers’ request for proposals (RFA).

  • Track application

  • Respond to requests for additional information.

  • Negotiate grant terms.


  • Provide information and/or assistance with budget preparation, policies and procedures.

  • Helping applicant build a budget support narrative.

  • Clarify fiduciary responsibilities of successful applicants.

  • Answer questions about allowable expenses

Post-Award Support

  • Provide guidance in successfully closing out a grant including reporting.

  • Provide information on, and support for, audit requirements.

  • Facilitate reviews of rejected proposals and craft strategies for resubmissions.

Activities associated with Grant Writing and Resource Acquisition are sponsored by the College of Arts and Architecture and the  Office of Research and Economic Development.