Current CAA Opportunities

Supplemental Research Funding

The College of Arts & Architecture acknowledges that scholarship in the creative disciplines makes unique demands on time and resources. Participation in exhibitions, performances, screenings and other showcasing opportunities represent scholarly activities and are the basis for tenure, promotion and advancement opportunities. These activities often involve expenditures above and beyond those associated with the creation and realization of a specific work. 

Block Grant

College of Arts and Architecture (CAA) Block Grants are available for faculty who wish to undertake research endeavors that will lead to specific creative and scholarly deliverables, such as publications, exhibitions, new bodies of work, compositions or other modes of dissemination. Supported research activities include, but are not necessarily limited to expenses related to travel, production, equipment and other required materials or items clearly linked to the project summary.

Mary Edsall McLaughlin Award

The Mary Edsall McLaughlin Award offers students and faculty an opportunity to follow their imagination through research and travel, to experience something fresh and different, something that inspires creativity. The goal—and the challenge—of this grant is to give recipients great latitude in determining the processes, goals and outcomes of the support. Past grants have prioritized travel and exploration; curiosity and innovation, as they apply to materials, works and performances; and activities that embrace calculated and productive risk-taking.  The area of focus is up to YOU. There are no restrictions in what YOU want to see, research or experience. The award may cover travel, admission to museums, room and board.