The Student Opportunity Grant Program supports unique opportunities that enhance your education at Montana State University.


  • Graduate or undergraduate students enrolled full-time in degree granting programs available through the College of Arts and Architecture.
  • Applicants who have received this award within the past two years will be assigned a lower priority, as will continued funding for a project that has already received funding through this source.

Award Amounts

  • Up to $1,000.00

Application Information

All applications must be submitted using the online application portal and should include:

  • A one-page narrative statement explaining:
    • The purpose and value of the unique opportunity for which the funds are requested.
    • The impact this unique opportunity would have on your education and future career.
  • Detailed and itemized budget.
  • List of other sources of funding you have received or to which you have submitted requests, if applicable.

Note: Evidence of other funding (e.g. School funding, internal or external grants, Undergraduate Scholars Program) will weigh favorably in the decision-making process.

Required Attachments

  • None 


Applications are accepted anytime during the academic year and should be made at least 30 days before funding is desired.


Decisions regarding applications are made in consultation with the College of Arts & Architecture Leadership Team, comprising Directors, Leadership Fellows, the Assistant Dean, the Associate Dean, the Assistant to the Dean, and the Dean.

Note: Awards are dependent on the merit of the proposal, value of experience and available funding.


  1. Student Opportunity Grants will not be awarded to support thesis or project production costs, to purchase equipment, nor to support activities and assignments associated with courses you are taking, even if they are considered independent studies. 
  2. Final Report - Due within 30 days of completion
    1. A one-page (500 word) summary of the experience and its impact on your education, including relevant images if applicable, and submitted to the Dean of the College of Arts and Architecture.
    2. An informal presentation of the experience to one's peers to be scheduled in coordination with the Dean’s office.
  3. Monies associated with the CAA Opportunity Grant must be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year, which ends on June 30.  No exceptions to, or extensions of, this deadline are possible.


This program is sponsored and funded jointly by CAA and the Office of Research and Economic Development and Graduate Education.