Rachel Rabenberg conducts research on a NASA-funded project in a MSU lab.

The Cell Biology and Neuroscience offers exciting opportunities to work with nationally and internationally recognized faculty on a wide range of research topics, including cognitive neuroscience, neurophysiology, neuroinformatics, developmental biology, cell biology, biophysics and computational neuroscience. See program requirements for more details.

It is the goal of the faculty to prepare our students for successful careers in academic research, government, and/or the biotechnology industry. Successful applicants to the program will have already established a commitment to excellence through academic achievements and prior research experience.

We offer Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in Neuroscience or Biological Science to our graduate students. The Ph.D. Degree Program is designed for students who are committed to a scientific research career and are willing to commit an average of 5 to 6 years in pursuit of the training that is necessary to qualify for this degree.

The M.S. degree is for students who wish to increase their knowledge base in basic research through an intensive 2- to 3-year training period. Students must identify a faculty sponsor prior to application to the CBN Graduate Program.