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Use the link below to see the current status of MSU services. UIT is updating the Services Status page on an ongoing basis. If you have a question about a service that is not listed there, send an email to [email protected].


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Latest Communication

Campus Network Update for 5/8/23: Opal restoration

Sent at 10:31 a.m. Monday, May 8, via email to students, faculty and staff.

The fileserver Opal is now available again, with files modified through April 10, 2023.

Due to the current stage of the restore process, you may find that you do not have access to certain files or folders. University Information Technology (UIT) is working on restoring those, as well as the files created or modified after April 10, 2023.

The restoration of Opal will be an extended process. We understand that there may be situations where it is critical to restore certain access more quickly. For those urgently needed files or permissions, please submit a request at the following form: Microsoft Forms. UIT will fulfill those requests in the order in which they were received, accounting for priority.

In addition to Opal, our Helpdesk ticketing system will be brought back online today -- previously UIT was responding to Helpdesk requests via regular email. The return of the ticketing system will result in a significant number of backlogged emails being sent to some in the MSU community, but it also means that you will be able to resume emailing [email protected] or your local IT support to generate tickets for more consistent communication and tracking of IT assistance.

There are also some additional changes that you can expect to see today:

  • The "remember me" time for Duo sessions will be reduced to 10 hours.
  • Sessions for MSU computers will lock after 15 minutes of inactivity, as defined by industry best practice, requiring that you re-enter your password before continuing to work.

Your continued patience is appreciated as we ensure a safe restoration of these critical services.

Previous Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: April 28, 2023, at 4:12 p.m.

General Questions

All students, faculty and staff were asked on April 27, 2023, to change their NetID passwords using the UIT Self-Service NetID Password Portal. Any passwords that are not updated by April 28 will be reset automatically.  

You may attempt to access any MSU service from on or off of campus. Please recognize, however, that some services are still experiencing downtime and are not available. See more information on UIT's Service Statuses page.

If you have files on your local hard drive that you have been unable to access since the April 20 incident and you have no prior backups, then there is no solution available to restore access to those files. (These files may have an unfamiliar file extension.)

(A backup would be an alternate storage location like an external hard drive, USB thumb drive or some other location not on your local hard drive.)

If you have files in your OneDrive or in SharePoint that you cannot access, you can restore these files to a prior version. See OneDrive File Recovery for instructions. 

MSU-owned devices — unless otherwise noted by UIT on a case-by-case basis — and personal devices can be used on the MSU network. MSU-owned devices connecting to campus resources remotely should do so via the VPN.

Yes. It is safe to connect to MSU Wi-Fi. MSU-owned devices should only connect to MSU-Secure rather than MSU-Guest. 

There is no known risk to phones or personal devices. 

Caution should be taken to ensure any personal devices used on our network were not infected. Although the risk of infection is low, it will be important to use your personal tech support avenues if you feel that your personal device may have been infected. Additionally, please ensure that you have up-to-date antivirus software running along with an up-to-date operating system and software.

Yes. You can access work email from any MSU or non-MSU network connection. 

UIT has utilized advanced security software provided by Microsoft to assess the integrity and safety of MSU devices.

The MSU Network encompasses both the wired and wireless networks  These networks are used by our MSU-owned laptops and desktops.
You may use university computers and laptops, but they should connect via MSU's VPN and remain on the VPN. This will facilitate the automatic installation of Microsoft's solution and protect those devices.