Current Students

The map below shows the Montana partner schools who have already welcomed Montana Rural Teacher Project (MRTP) graduates and partipants into classrooms. The MRTP has graduate 28 students, 25 of whom are teaching in schools across Montana. The grant welcomes its third and final cohort of 18 Teacher Residents. This cohort is currently in their Teacher Residency Placement where they are working side by side with an experienced teacher. 

MRTP Graduates and Teacher Placements

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About the Grant

The Montana Rural Teacher Project (MRTP) was funded in 2019 by the U.S. Department of Education, Teacher Quality Partnership program. It is a competitive teacher residency program link to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). The MAT is a 12-16 month full-time graduate degree that prepares individuals for employment as K-12 teachers. The MRTP is designed to support teacher candidates as they complete the MAT degree and transition into classrooms. Once licensed, participants seek teaching positions in eligible schools. Project support extends from teacher preparation into the first two years of teaching and includes the following:

  • Placement in an eligible rural school during the MAT program, with structured activies designed to meet practicum and student teacher requirements. This is known as a "Teaching Residency", where the MAT student works alongside a qualified teacher throughout an academic year in order to learn and grow from that teacher
  • Financial support through living-wage stipend while completing teaching residency and MAT program.
  • A week long on campus summer opportunity to work with young learners from the local community though the Inclusive Community Camp
  • Participation in new teacher mentoring and support during the first two years of teaching, upon completion of the MAT program.
  • Ongoing opportunities for virtual and in-person professsional learning provided by a wide variety of statewide organizations.
  • Professional Development for school leaders (principals and superintendents, school board members) about best practices in recuiting and retaining high-quality rural teachers.



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