Karl Birkeland

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Geography
Avalanche Scientist with U.S. Forest Service National Avalanche Center

Contact Information:

Email:  [email protected]


B.A., Environmental Biology, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, 1986
M.S., Earth Sciences, Montana State Univ.-Bozeman, 1990
Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University, 1997

Research Interests:

My research focuses on practical problems related to snow and avalanches. My primary interest and expertise is on the spatial variability of snow and snow stability at a variety of scales. Some of my recent research includes investigating spatial patterns of snow stability on relatively uniform slopes, studying how those patterns change over time and through space, exploring historical avalanche and weather databases with GIS, looking at a variety of factors related to avalanche climatology, and investigating snow metamorphism in the upper layers of the snowpack. I am also involved in a number of specific technology transfer projects between the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, and the U.S. avalanche centers through my work for the U.S. Forest Service National Avalanche Center.

Current Graduate Students:

Matthew Borish

Past Graduate Students:

(Served as co-chair with Kathy Hansen)

Spencer Logan (MS, 2004 (expected in September) - currently an avalanche forecaster with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Chris McCollister (MS, 2004) - currently an avalanche forecaster for the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center and a consultant for an infrasonic avalanche detection project. You can read Chris's thesis here (PDF).

Jeff Deems (2003) - currently a PhD student in the Department of Geosciences at Colorado State University. You can read Jeff's thesis here (PDF).

Chris Landry (2002) - currently the director of the Center for Snow and Avalanche Science in Silverton, Colorado. You can read Chris's thesis here (PDF).

Selected Publications:

These and other articles/theses available at www.fsavalanche.org/NAC/techPages/techPap.html.

In press Birkeland, K., K. Kronholm, M. Schneebeli, and C. Pielemeier. In press. Changes in the shear strength and micro-penetration hardness of a buried surface hoar layer. In press for Annals of Glaciology Vol. 38.

In press Landry, C., K. Birkeland, K. Hansen, J. Borkowski, R. Brown, and R. Aspinall. In press. Variations in snow strength and stability on uniform slopes. In press for Cold Reg. Sci. Tech.

2003 Kozak, M., K. Elder, K. Birkeland and P. Chapman. 2003. Variability of snow later hardness by aspect and prediction using meteorological factors. Cold Reg. Sci. Tech. 37(3), 357-371.

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2002 Birkeland, K.W. and C.C. Landry. 2002. Power laws and snow avalanches. Geophysical Research Letters 29(11), doi - 10.1029 /2001GL014623, 49-1 to 49-3.

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