College Office

Professor of Geology


B.A., Geology, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, 1970
M.S., Geology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1976
Ph.D., Geology, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1980

Research Interests

My scientific interests lie in the processes that shape the Earth's surface, the landforms which record those processes, and the stratigraphy which reflects Quaternary evolution of our landscape. Accordingly, I and my students have investigated volcano-tectonism, fault scarp evolution, soil development, evolution of fluvial terrace systems, glacial geology, and past and present climates.

Current Graduate Students

Karen Williams

Selected Publications

1998 Pipp, M. P and Locke, W. W., 1998, Local scale variability in storm snowfall and seasonal snowpack distributions in the Bridger Range, Montana. In Charles Troendle (ed.), Proc. Western Snow Conf., Snowbird, Utah, p. 26-37.

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