Professor of Geology

Contact Information:

Office:   Traphagen Hall 109-109A
Email:   [email protected]

Office Hours: Spring 2016

Monday: 1:00-2:00
Wednesday: 9:00-10:00


B.S., University of Michigan, 1977
M.S., University of Wyoming, 1979
Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 1982

Courses Taught:

GEO 105 Oceanography
GEO 140 Planetary Geoscience
GEO 307 Sedimentary Petrology

Research Interests:

My research interests in sedimentary geology include understanding: 1) relations between tectonics and sedimentation in foreland and extensional basins, 2) tectonic controls on the dispersal of sediment from orogenic belts to alluvial basins, and 3) the sedimentology and facies analysis of modern alluvial fans and ancient alluvial fan deposits.

I also have research interest in vertebrate paleontology, including taphonomy of bone beds and nesting grounds, deciphering processes of exceptional fossil preservation, and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of fossil-bearing strata.

I will not be accepting any new graduate students for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years.

Current Graduate Students:

Cody Bodman
Jack Boski
Casey Reid
Kimberly Roush

Selected Publications:

Sedimentary Geology

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Vertebrate Paleontology and Taphonomy

Jackson, F.J., Garrido, A., Schmitt, J.G., Chiappe. L.M., Dingus, L., and Loope, D., in press, Abnormal, multi-layered titanosaurid (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) eggs from in situ clutches at the Auca Maheuvo locality, Neuquen Province, Argentina: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

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