Degrees Held

M.S.  Earth Science;  Montana State University, 2017

B.S. magna cum laude Environmental Science; Columbia University, 2013

B.M. Violin Performance; Juilliard School of Music, 2005

Degree Sought:

PhD Earth Sciences


Dr. David McWethy

Research Project:

Fire-climate-human interactions in mixed conifer forests across the Northern Rocky Mountains

Preferred Email Address:

[email protected]


Schiller, C.M., Whitlock, C., Alt, M., Morgan, L.A., 2020. Vegetation responses to Quaternary volcanic and hydrothermal disturbances in the Northern Rocky Mountains and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (USA): Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 559.


McWethy DB, Alt M, Argiriadis E, Battistel D, Everett R and Pederson GT (2020) Millennial-Scale Climate and Human Drivers of Environmental Change and Fire Activity in a Dry, Mixed-Conifer Forest of Northwestern Montana. Front. For. Glob. Change 3:44. doi: 10.3389/ffgc.2020.00044


Alt, M., McWethy, D., Everett, R., & Whitlock, C. (2018). Millennial scale climate-fire-vegetation interactions in a mid-elevation mixed coniferous forest, Mission Range, northwestern Montana, USA. Quaternary Research,90(1), 66-82. doi:10.1017/qua.2018.25


Alt, M., McWethy, D., Everett, R., Pederson, G., Heyerdahl, E., Whitlock, C., 2018. Climate-fire-vegetation interactions in low-to-mid elevation forests, Mission Range, MT. Mountain Climate Conference, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, CO


Alt, M., Whitlock, C., McWethy, D., 2016. Postglacial vegetation and fire history of the southern Mission Valley, Montana. Geological Society of America meeting, Denver, CO


Honors and Awards:

Graduated with Departmental Honors, Columbia University, 2013

Columbia University Deans List, 2011-2013

Olga Knoepke Scholarship, 2011-2013