Degree(s) Held:Andrew Schauer

 B.S. in Earth Sciences, Minor in Statistics - Montana State University, 2011

Degree Sought:

 M.S. in Earth Sciences, Snow Science

Title of Research Project

Synoptic Climatology of Deep Slab Avalanches in the Western United States


 Jordy Hendrikx

Email Addresses:

[email protected]

Project Summary

This research aims to improve our ability to predict deep slab avalanches by identifying the regional-scale atmospheric circulation patterns associated with them.  500 mb geopotential height maps are classified into categories that summarize the major atmospheric patterns experienced over the western USA during the winter months. Historical records from ski areas across the west will be accessed to identify years with and without deep slab avalanches. The synoptic charts for the significant years identified from the avalanche record will be compared with the summary synoptic classifications to analyze atmospheric patterns that are associated with deep slab avalanche cycles in different locations across the west.


Professional Experience

Course instructor-Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche center

Graduate Teaching Assistant-Montana State University

Course instructor- Montana State University Intro to Avalanches with Field session for Snowmobiles

Project Manager- Valley of the Flowers Landscaping


Training and Affiliations

American Avalanche Association, affiliate member

American Avalanche Institute Pro 1

American Avalanche Institute Level 2

Aerie Backcountry Medicine, Wilderness First Responder, CPR/AED