Elizabeth Flesch in the mountains

Degree Held

B.S., Biological Sciences, Montana State University, 2012

Degree Sought

Ph.D., Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Montana State University


Elizabeth is interested in wildlife policy and research and has worked on wildlife projects internationally in New Zealand, Australia, and Germany, as well as in many locations in the U.S. for the National Park Service.  She worked for the Glacier National Park Citizen Science Program for three seasons and focused on mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and pikas.  She is currently a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow and a National Geographic Young Explorer.


Flesch, E. P., R. A. Garrott, P. J. White, D. Brimeyer, A. B. Courtemanch, J. A. Cunningham, S. R. Dewey, G. L. Fralick, K. Loveless, D. E. McWhirter, H. Miyasaki, A. Pils, M.A. Sawaya and S. T. Stewart. In press. Range expansion and population growth of non-native mountain goats in the Greater Yellowstone Area: Challenges for management. Wildlife Society Bulletin.



Current Research

 Bighorn sheep genomics


Dr. Jennifer Thomson, Animal & Range Sciences
Dr. Bob Garrott, Ecology