Spring Semester 2024


Thursdays at 3:30-5:00 pm in 346 Leon Johnson Hall. 

Presentations will not be offered virtually this year.

The basis of the Spring Ecology Seminar Series is for Ecology graduate students to gain experience presenting scientific information using a variety of communication methods. Graduate students prepare several presentations and topics presented in a variety of formats. The first session consists of presentations focused on the foundation for their research and the next session is focused on their methods and results (if they have any to share). The second session is whiteboard only (i.e., no slides).

Attendance from campus and extended communities is encouraged and requested.
All who attend will be invited to evaluate each presentation.

Advance notice is requested so that accommodations can be made for special needs.  Contact [email protected] or (406) 994-4548.


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In addition to presentations, students are interviewed about their research and what inspired them to get into a career in conservation for the podcast “Today’s Voices of Conservation Science.” You can listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout or on iTunes or Stitcher.





Spring Seminar Schedule
Seminar Presentations

February 29


15-Minute Scientific Presentation with Slides

Lukas DraugelisThe Flathead River, keeping Montana native:  last best stronghold for westlope cutthroat trout

Emelia Morgan: Hyperspectral imagery depicts unmapped spatiotemporal variation of plant phenology and forage quality in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Victoria Ogolin:  Bon appetite:  A case study on pallid sturgeon diets in Montana

March 7

15-Minute Scientific Presentation with Slides

Cody VenderThe resilience of a keystone species in Yellowstone Lake

Daan Smit:  Baseline demography and limiting factors in a low-density population of cheetah

Malia NaumchikBuzzworthy landscapes:  Creating pollinator-friendly habitat through restoration efforts

March 14


March 21


15-Minute Scientific Presentation with Slides

Itai Namir:  Town life: impacts of plague mitigation on the black-tailed prairie dog

Russell Conti: Development in Big Sky and the development of its water quality

Lou Duloisy:  Physiological differences between high-elevation five needle pines

March 28


15-Minute Scientific Presentation with Slides

Hannah Stapleton:  Abundant trout and eager anglers: unraveling trout population dynamics in a popular fishery

Arcata Leavitt:  Great  grey owls in southwest Montana

Stacy Schmidt:  Unraveling crayfish plague outbreaks in Montana: a national and global perspective

April 4

 15-Minute Whiteboard Presentations

Lukas Draugelis:  Rainbow trout life-history and movement patterns unravel the invasive species success paradox  

Malia Naumchik:  Evaluating the pollinator friendliness of restoration projects 

Cody Vender:  Otoliths: a black box to the life history of fish

April 11

15-Minute Whiteboard Presentations

Emelia Morgan:  Using hyperspectral data to chart the unmapped universe of plant quality in the Yellowstone northern range

Daan Smit:  Finding mates in cheetah: luck or intent?

Victoria Ogolin:  To grow or not to grow that is the question for pallid sturgeon in the Missouri River

April 18

15-Minute Whiteboard Presentations

Itai Namir:  What is going down in prairie dog town?

Stacy Schmidt:  Tales from the "craysement"...and beyond?

Hannah Stapleton:  Loved to death or thriving under pressure — assessing the resilience of a blue-ribbon trout fishery to angling?

April 25

15-Minute Whiteboard Presentations

Lou Duloisy:  Saving a species: the iconic high elevation pines in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem

Russell Conti:  What is legacy nitrate, and can we track it in aquatic food webs?

Arcata Leavitt: Accoustic monitoring of great gray owls in southwest Montana