Starting in Spring 2019 semester, scholarship applications must be submitted through Cat Scholarships online. Details on eligibility and deadlines of the Department of Ecology and the Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Management Program scholarships will be listed in the spring semester for scholarships to be used the following academic year. Questions on departmental scholarships can be directed to Bob Garrott at [email protected]

2018 Ecology Student Scholarship Recipients Announcement

Scholarships were announced to 17 scholarship recipients at the beginning of September, 2018 and awarded at the October 11 Departmental BBQ & Awards Ceremony at the Lindley Center.

We were able to award a total of $30,200 in academic year 2018-2019 to recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. Congratulations to the following students:


Ecology Memorial Scholarship Award:
$600 - Hailey Gelzer

Jack Creek Preserve Wildlife Undergraduate Student Scholarship
$2500 - Cora Steinbach

Montana Trout Unlimited Fisheries Scholarships:
2 at $475 each - Maggie Rose LaRue and Braeden Meyer

Yarnall Family Scholarship:
$1000 - Bonnie Wolgamot


Daniel Goodman Conservation Biology Scholarship
$2500 - Michael Forzley

Don C. Quimby Graduate Wildlife Research Scholarship
$1400 - Megan Milligan

Jack Creek Preserve Wildlife Graduate Student Scholarship
$2500 - Nathaniel Bowersock

Jim Belsey Graduate Student Scholarship:
2 at $2450 - Andriana Puchany and Benjamin Triano

Jim Patton Wildlife Management Scholarship:
$900 - James Waxe

John H. Rumely Award:
$1700 - David Anton Laufenberg

Kenneth D. Lorang Memorial Award:
$350 - Kathleen Carroll

Kevin Hurley Wild Sheep Biology Award:
$3000 - Ethan Lula

Matthew F. Clow Memorial Award:
2 at $1950 each - Lauren McGarvey and Jacob Williams 

Shikar Safari Club Scholarship:
$4000 - Blake Lowrey