Fall Semester 2021
Thursdays 3:30-4:30

Live talks will be held in 304 Lewis Hall.  Please check the individual seminars below for information on which seminars will be live and/or virtual.

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Undergraduate students may get credit for attending/viewing seminars and writing critiques in course BIOE 494, a 1-credit, fall-only course. Please see your advisor if interested.

For Webex login information or other questions, please contact [email protected].   We ask that you request login information by 1pm the day of the seminar.  Login information will not be given once the seminar has started.

Date Seminar Details More Info

September 2

Department Introductions
Lab group introductions, graduate students explain their current research

Current Grad Students


September 9

Angela Fuller, PhD

Research Wildlife Biologist, Leader of the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University

"Decision Science in Social-Ecological Systems"

Virtual presentation only
September 16

Alisha Shah, PhD

Transistioning from a postdoc position at University of Montana to an Assistant Professor position at Michigan State University's Kellogg Biological Station in January 2022.

"Using Thermal Physiology to Explain Insect Patterns of Biodiversity and Response to Climate Change"

Virtual presentation only
September 23

Kate Boersma, PhD 

Assistant Professor, University of San Diego

"Understanding community assembly in freshwater habitats: A graphical approach to functional diversity."

Virtual presentation only
September 30

Elizabeth Flesch, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher, Montana State University

"Using genomics to learn about ancient and contemporary bighorn sheep populations"

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex
October 7

Bob Holt, PhD

Eminent Scholar and Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Chair in Ecological Studies, Department of Biology, University of Florida

"Niche Conservatism, Evolution, and Applied Ecology:  Challenges and Opportunities"

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex

October 14

Julian Resasco, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Colorado--Boulder

"Biodiversity under environmental change in large-scale and long-term studies”

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex
October 21

Kelly Kerr, MSc

Kelly has a Bachelors from UC Davis, and a Masters from Oregon State University. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Utah working under the direction of Dr. Bill Anderegg. Her research interests revolve around the influence of climate change on forest ecosystem dynamics. She is particularly interested in using tree physiology, genetics and modelling to understand and predict tree species’ responses to drought. 

"Quantifying within-species variation in aspen drought tolerance"

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex
October 28

Doug Smith, PhD

Senior Wildlife Biologist, Yellowstone National Park, and project leader for Yellowstone Wolf Restoration

"Yellowstone Wolves: The First 25 Years"

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex
November 4

Gillian Chow-Fraser, MSc

Boreal Program Manager with Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS) of Northern Alberta

"Managing species at risk across spatial scales and jurisdictions: Collaborations in caribou conservation in Alberta"

Virtual Presentation only 

November 11

No Seminar--Veteran's Day

November 18

Katey Plymesser, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Montana State University

"Ecohydraulic Modeling Approaches for Fish Passage Engineering"

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex
November 25

Thanksgiving Break

December 2

Dr. Clint Muhlfeld, USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Shannon Hilty, MSc,  Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Dr. Mike Simanonok, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center


"Life After MSU: Career Panel with Past Ecology Department Graduates"

Virtual Only
December 9

Brandi Skone, MSc

Biologist with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

"Champion for the little guys: the nuances of being a nongame biologist"

304 Lewis Hall or via Webex