Fall Semester 2022
Thursdays 3:30-4:30

Live talks will be held in 304 Lewis Hall.  Please check the individual seminars below for information on which seminars will be live and/or virtual.   Live seminars will be offered virtually as well.    Seminars will not be recorded.

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Undergraduate students may get credit for attending/viewing seminars and writing critiques in course BIOE 494, a 1-credit, fall-only course. Please see your advisor if interested.

For Webex login information or other questions, please contact [email protected].   We ask that you request login information by 1pm the day of the seminar.  Login information will not be given once the seminar has started.

Date Seminar Details More Info

September 1

Department Introductions
Lab group introductions, graduate students explain their current research

Current Grad Students


September 8

No speaker scheduled

September 15

John Draper, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Ecology, Montana State University

"Carnivoran frugivory and its effect on seed dispersal, plant community, composition, plant migration, and biotic carbon storage"


304 Lewis
September 22

Jeff Wesner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology, University of South Dakota

"Metamorphosis and contaminant fluxes from freshwater to terrestrial ecosystems"

304 Lewis
September 29

Jade Ortiz, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher & Instructor, Department of Ecology, Montana State University

"Investigating the influence  of riverine habitat complexity on patterns of insect emergence and insectivore diversity"


304 Lewis
October 6

Leanne Roulson, M.S.

Fisheries Biologist Consultant & Environmental Policy Specialist, former President of the American Fisheries Society, and Adunct Instructor for the Department of Ecology

"Why professional societies are important to scientists and how to make good use of them in your career"


304 Lewis

October 13

Zachariah Gompert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Utah State University

"On the origin and maintenance of discontinuities in nature"

304 Lewis
October 20

Tabitha Graves, Ph.D.

Research Biologist, USGS at the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

"Integrated monitoring and assessment of bumblebees"

304 Lewis
October 27

Lars Brudvig, Ph.D.      SORRY--This seminar has been canceled!

Associate Professor of Plant Biology, Iowa State University

"Interpreting variation in the assembly and functioning of prairies during restoration"

November 3

Jason Neuswanger, Ph.D.

Leader, Salmonid Recovery Science Unit, Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

"Physics, physiology, and fly fishing:  Modeling salmonid foraging behavior to understand their relationship to habitat"

304 Lewis

November 10

David James, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Entomology, Washington State University

"The reports of the death of the western Monarch have been highly exaggerated"

Virtual Only
November 17

Serra Hoagland, Ph.D.

Liaison Officer/Biologist, USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station--Missoula Fire Sciences Lab to Salish Kootenai College

"Working with tribes to achieve the triple bottom line of environmental stewardship"

Virtual Only
November 24

Thanksgiving Break

December 1

Kathleen Williams, M.S.

State Director for Montana Rural Development, USDA

"The watershed ecosystem of policy"




304 Lewis
December 8

Sara Goeking, Ph.D.

Supervisory Biological Scientist, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Forest Inventory and Analysis Program

"Forest disturbance and scarce water in a changing climate:  Insights from broad-scale forest monitoring"

304 Lewis