1. Work Study Certificate of Eligibility are being e-mailed to the students this year.  They will be responsible for printing them off for you both to fill out and sign.  If they lose or do not get the initial email, we will send them another one.
  2. Some of the work study certificates may have a blank space or have an amount written in for the student’s approved amount for fall semester due to a glitch when the certificates were being sent. There is no need for concern if you see that on a student’s certificate and our office will be verifying the student’s authorized amount.
  3. Make sure if you are wanting work study students that you are posting your jobs on www.hireabobcat.com. There has been a recent change to the job site platform, so if you have difficulty posting your job, please reach out to Lisa Yarnell in the Office of Student Success.
  4. Important reminders:
  • The earliest a student may begin working is when classes start on Aug 17th.  They cannot work as a work study student during winter break.
  • Students may not begin working until their Work Study Certificate of Eligibility has been processed by the Office of Financial aid.
  • Students cannot work more than 20 hours a week.   If a student has more than one work study job, their combined hours cannot be over 20 hours.