The April 5th Induction and Send-Off is over.
The YouTube live stream recording is still available for viewing,
as are previous events in the archive.


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The Link to the YouTube Live Stream for the April 5, 2021 Induction & Send-Off.

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This ceremony welcomes new teacher candidates who have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program at MSU Bozeman. Teacher candidates receive the official nametags they will need to enter the public schools. Since they could not be distributed at the virtual ceremony, nametags, the pin that gets you in, will be available for pickup in Reid Hall 250 in the fall.


This ceremony also recognizes teacher candidates who will be heading out into the schools for student teaching. These old hands will have an opportunity to pass on words of wisdom to the inductees. They will also receive a gift they may find useful in the field.


This term's Induction & Send-Off will be held virtually via Webex and streamed onto YouTube. Festivities will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, April 5th. We recommend that you supply yourself with snacks to simulate the catered event.

Keynote. Keynote Speaker Marilyn King.

Marilyn King, Bozeman Public Schools Interim Co-Superintendent, has agreed to be our keynote speaker. She possesses building administrative experience at the elementary and middle school levels as well as K-12 and university teaching experience.  She is the LEA for Montana on the National Forum on Education Statistics and is the Vice-Chair of the Forum.  Her interests include impacts of instructional leadership on student achievement, change processes in education, school safety and the use of the consensus process in public education.


Who should attend? Students admitted to the MSU-Bozeman Teacher Education Program, their family and friends, cooperating teachers, field supervisors, faculty, staff, and friends of the program. If you are on the Webex guest list, please attend using the Webex link in your invitation. All others please join us on the YouTube live stream (see YouTube link above).


In the meantime, if you are an invitee and not already an experienced Webex user, you might want to get your computer ready. The Webex folks have a simple video tutorial you can watch on how to connect to a Webex video conference. Or if you prefer rich detail, they have a page with plenty of information.

If you are one of the student teachers being sent off, please try to have headphones and a microphone handy. We will want to hear the brief words of good advice you can pass on to the incoming inductees, preferably without feedback from your speakers.


This event will be live streamed to the Department's YouTube channel.


If you are on Facebook, this event will be listed there, but the link will be back to this page. The YouTube link above will be your route to the live stream


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