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Facutly/GTA COVID-19 Guidance

Guidance from the Montana University System.

COVID-19 Facilities Resources

Large Classroom Capacity and Layout

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Digital Teaching Tools

AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning

NWEA Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

EHHD 2020 Fall Retreat Resources

Requires Montana Box login - Link open until Sept 16, 2020.

Faculty Staff Directory

Faculty, please look at your entry in the Faculty/Staff Directory. Are you there? Is your photo there? When you click on your name, are you satisfied with what you find on your page? Your photo and information are pulled from Activity Insight. Guidance on how to control the information in the directory is available at this link. If you need a professional photo, MSU will take one for you for free. Once you have an appointment, they are startlingly quick and do great work. Bill Freese will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Human Resources

Put requests related to human resources in writing and send to [email protected].

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UIT Support

Video Teleconference Support - including Teams Tuesdays and Webex Wednesdays

Textbook Orders

You will receive information from the department office. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

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Facilities Services or Work Control:  406-994-2107

Parking:  406-994-1723

Police:  406-994-2121

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