CAEP Accreditation

The Educational Leadership Program is accredited from fall 2016 to spring 2023 by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation as part of the CAEP review of the teacher education program that took place in 2015. In 2023, it will come under separate CAEP review.

PSEL Standards

In 2015, the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA), a national alliance of major membership organizations committed to the advancement of school and school-system leadership, adopted the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), an update of their 2008 standards former known as ISLLC (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium) standards.

Those seeking more complete information may download the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders directly form NPBEA.

TEAC Accreditation

The Educational Leadership Program was fully accredited from 2010-2015 through the Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

The Montana State University Educational Leadership principal preparation program is the only Educational Leadership program in Montana that requires the Praxis exam of our graduates. This assessment provides us a measure of how our graduates would compete with other EDLD graduates across the nation. Nationally, the Praxis Exam is regarded as a measure of program rigor and quality. 


AY MSU N MSU Median US Median
2011-12 18



2012-13 14 167 167
2014-15 33 168 167
2014-15 49 160 167
2015-16* 10 174 167

 * AY not yet complete