Students who have been hired into a school administrative position in Montana requiring an administrative license, but have not met the academic requirements for a Class III license, may be eligible for Class V license which will allow them to practice as an administrator while obtaining the required coursework.  While holding a Class V license they must be enrolled in a Board of Public Education/OPI Internship program and be supervised by a university faculty member licensed at the appropriate level.  

Board of Public Education (BPE) / Office of Public Instruction (OPI) Internship only pertains to those students who have been hired into and are currently working in an education administrative position requiring licensure, and are more than 6 credit hours away from having met the academic requirements for licensure and endorsement at the appropriate level.


In order to be considered for the Board of Public Education / OPI Internship, candidates must first be hired into an administrative position within a school. If you have been contracted into an administrative position, please contact Dr. Tena Versland, Program Leader to discuss the requirements for licensure through the BPE / OPI Internship program.

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