Request for Academic or Program Variance

Students who feel they have sufficient cause to request an Academic or Program Variance (e.g. a change in the minimum academic requirements for continuation in the program) may submit a Program Variance Form to the Director of Field Placement and Licensure. The request is reviewed by the Director and Department of Education Program Leaders. Program Leaders’ decisions are subject to the Student Academic Grievance Procedure (sect. 500 of the conduct guidelines and grievance procedures for students).

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Personal Information
You can find your catalog year in DegreeWorks.
Please explain the variance you are requesting and provide substantial evidence to support your request. Examples include a DegreeWorks record, a clear semester plan, anticipated major and/or cumulative GPA calculations, or a letter of support from a faculty member or advisor. Supporting evidence can be uploaded to Box on the next page, after you have submitted this form.
Explain and justify your request here.