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August 16, 2022

Dear Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members & Graduate Teaching Assistants, Thank you for joining our team and for the contribution you make to our department and students. We value our non-tenure track faculty as an integral component of the teaching mission of MSU. NTT faculty members enrich our students’ learning environment by bringing specific content expertise and current real-life experiences to the curriculum. It is important to our department and students that NTT faculty understand and embrace our departmental mission and conceptual framework. Additionally, NTT faculty should hold a basic understanding of departmental policies, practices, and procedures. Our NTT faculty orientation is designed to assist to that end.

Department of Education

Unit of Curriculum and Instruction

Unit of Educational Leadership

Unit of Adult and Higher Education


The mission of the Department of Education is to prepare highly qualified professional educators and administrators through exemplary campus and distance-based programs and field placements in quality public and private schools. In addition, the department contributes to the State of Montana and the nation through the faculty’s active research and outreach efforts.

Policies governing NTT faculty can be found at

Our department’s webpage can be found at

The conceptual framework that guides our Teacher Education Program can be found at

The department assumes the responsibility for providing the support you need to effectively teach, guide, and support students. We welcome your suggestions as to how we can best support you and the kind of information you need to be successful. Please contact me with questions, concerns, or insights at 994-5952 or [email protected]

    We look forward to a successful semester.

P.O. Box 172880
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880
Tel (406) 994-3120


Sarah Pennington

Sarah E. Pennington, Ph.D.
Department Head

Mountains and Minds

Sarah Pennington, Department Head, 994-5952, [email protected]

Sarah Schmitt-Wilson, Director of Operations, 994-6670, [email protected]

Human Resources Questions: [email protected]

John Melick, Field Placement & Licensure Director, 994-6750, [email protected]

Bill Freese, Assessment Coordinator, 994-3072, [email protected]

Rebecca Turk, Director of Accreditation, 994-4537, [email protected]

Micki MacGregor, Data Research Analyst, 994-3120, [email protected]

Education Advising

David Reese, Advisor, 994-5948, [email protected]

RC Townsend, Advisor, 994-5920, [email protected]

Program Leaders

Gilbert Kalonde, Curriculum, and Instruction, 994-5775, [email protected]

Sue Stolp, Teacher Preparation Program, 994-4185, [email protected]

Tena Versland, Educational Leadership Graduate Program, 994-4182, [email protected]

Sweeney Windchief, Adult & Higher Education Graduate Program, 994-3339, [email protected]

If you are unable to meet your class due to illness or an emergency

Notify the Director of Operations, Dr. Sarah Schmitt-Wilson, by email at [email protected] If you are unable to reach Sarah Schmitt-Wilson, please call the departmental office at 994-3120. It is critical that the department be notified so students can be informed of your absence. Also please post a notice in your Brightspace D2L.

If you are unable to meet your class because of a planned absence

Seek approval from the Director of Accreditation and Operations and work with your program leader to make arrangements to have your class covered by other faculty. Do not cancel classes without approval of the department head. Our policy is to make alternative arrangements, not to cancel.

If you must change your class meeting time or room

Seek approval from the Director of Operations and work with your program leader. Do not make arrangements for alternative meeting times or locations without informing the department. If your class is fully online and you need or want to make substantial changes to the schedule, you must notify Sarah Schmitt-Wilson and your program leader.

If you need help with students or the curriculum

Student Issues

Contact the Director of Operations, Sarah Schmitt-Wilson for help with student issues.

Student Support

As students enter and progress through the Department of Education, faculty and staff are prepared to support students as they complete their programs of study. If you have a student who is in need of support, please reach out to our student support team at


Students who need help with general advisement questions can be referred to the Advising Center Reid 132 at 994-1880 or to the online website for the advising center


Contact your course lead or program leader for help with the curriculum. Course objectives and signature assignments must remain consistent across multi-section courses. Any changes to course objectives need to go through the appropriate university approval process. Students who have questions about practicum or field placement can be referred to the Field Placement Office Reid 246 994- 6750 or to the Field Placement Office web site

Desk and Computer

The department has assigned a desk and computer for each faculty member. Each office is a shared space and you will also share your desk and computer with another person whose schedule is very different from your own teaching schedule. Our computers have each been tested and even though they are older machines they have software (Microsoft Office and web browser) to support your work on campus.


MyInfo is your MSU personal space that contains information such as your Banner ID, Net ID, timesheets, employee services, faculty services and security. You can access MyInfo from the faculty and staff home page

Montana State University website Faculty Staff page with red arrow pointing at email icon labeled, "Also log into email using Outlook," and red arrow pointing at MyInfo icon labeled, "Web access with your NetID."

MSU email

All employees are assigned a MSU email. The current university format is: [email protected] Outlook Web Access instructions are available: For assistance, please contact the help desk at 406-994-1777.

Keys and Cat Cards

Campus Map Plew BuildingEach of you will be issued a key to your office, which also opens the copier room, education classrooms and conference rooms. You may purchase a Cat Card University ID for $15 (Located in Location: Hedges Complex Rm 31, below Miller Dining Commons).Your Cat Card will be activated by a letter from the Department and will give you access to the outside door of Reid. The Cat Card is your only access to the Building after work hours. The Administrative Associate will process Key Forms and you will receive an email notice from the Facilities Key Master when your keys are ready for pickup. You must take the original signed form with you to the Plew Building to pick up your keys (available from Susan Jacobson in Reid 250). The beginning of Fall Semester poses a large strain on our Key Master and often it takes 8-10 days for your key to be ready. Until then, the Administrative Associate has a sub-master key to borrow.

Campus Emergency Alert

Please register for the MSU Emergency Alert. This is a resource to protect yourself and your students. Full information can be found at

University Parking

All vehicles parking on campus must display a valid MSU parking permit. 
MSU's parking regulations are enforced year round from 6 am to 6 pm whenever MSU offices are open including summer break, Christmas break, spring break, and days when class is not in session. 
Information on how to purchase hang tags or parking permits can be found at:

Phone Use

Each office has one phone for all to use. We urge you and your students to also use D2L and email for communication. To reach a number on campus dial the last four digits: 994-3120.

Book Orders

Please contact your program leader regarding book orders. Book Orders are placed through the department office.

Mail Room

Reid 222 is our workroom with copier and mail slots.

Mail Station

The first three columns are full-time professors and the remaining columns of slots are for part-time faculty, graduate students and staff. They are ordered alphabetically. Mail is delivered to and picked up from the department mid- morning. An outgoing mail basket is located in Reid 222. MSU US Postal Station in Culbertson Hall is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a final mail dispatch time of 3:00 pm.


We know that at times copying is necessary. To get a copier code assigned, see the Administrative Associate in Reid 250. You are urged to make PDF documents of your handouts and post them in your D2L course shell, giving students the option of printing the document. The copier is in Reid 222 and your office key provides access to this room. Ask the Administrative Associate for directions on how to make PDF documents on the copier machine and email them to your address.

Weekly Department Meetings

We welcome all to attend our weekly Department Meetings in Reid 332 on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:30 pm fall semester and 12:00-1:30 pm spring semester.

To check your online schedule of classes in Myinfo

Select the term, rubric, instructor and click search class.

Class Roll Service

The MSU Class Roll Service is an online tool for authorized instructors of record and academic office staff to complete the following tasks:

  • View and print class rolls (class rolls are updated nightly
  • Download class roll data files (suitable for spreadsheet, database and iClicker use)
  • Submit Student Early Alert Reports
  • Authorized users log in to the service using their NetID or first.last username and NetID password.


Teaching manipulatives are available in the Science/Math Store Room Reid 109 and the Reading/Language Arts Room Reid 110. Check with the Administrative Associate in Reid 250 for the key to all kinds of fun stuff. (tiles, blocks, cubes, shapes, counters, games)

Office Supplies

For pens, pencils, dry erase markers, sticky notes, tape, staples and more check with the Administrative Associate in Reid 250.

Final Exam Schedule

The department finals schedule will be emailed prior to the first day of class. Please check the schedule for your final and contact the Administrative Associate if you see any discrepancy or problem. Many of our courses overlap the Registrar’s regular class schedule therefore the need to create a common final schedule. Please share the final exam schedule with your class early in the semester so students know the date and time. Students plan Thanksgiving and Christmas travel early and knowing the Final Exam Schedule will eliminate confusion. You will find the final exam schedule at

Since the quality of the students’ education depends on our ability to address their individual academic needs, all faculty are expected to be available frequently and regularly for students to consult with them on a reasonable basis. All faculty are expected to publish in their syllabi a regular means for students to contact them outside of the classroom during the duration of the course. The communication may take many different forms, e.g., in person during office hours, telephone, desk top video, and or on-line exchanges. Your D2L course can provide another means of student contact.

MSU Brightspace D2L Support

All MSU courses are supported by D2L. It is the departmental expectation that, at a minimum, you create a welcome message on your home page and post how students can contact you. Additionally, the department expects that you use your D2L course to provide “handouts” and supplemental materials to your class. Hard copies should be kept to an absolute minimum. An example of when to copy would be an exam. An example of when to use D2L would be an article you require the students to read.

Resources for Faculty Workshops from D2L

You are encouraged to register for a Brightspace Faculty Workshop. These hands-on workshops cover the basics of the Brightspace (D2L) Learning Environment and the grade area. Attendees will learn to navigate the system, post announcements and content, and gain an understanding of tools that are available for use in the environment. Also individual consultations may be made by appointment. Workshops require pre-registration and are limited to 12 participants. Participants can bring their own computer or use computers available in the lab.

Student Originality and Turnitin

Montana State University has a license agreement with Turnitin, a web-based service that verifies the originality of student work by comparing a submitted paper to information available on the internet, databases of journal articles, and millions of student papers previously submitted to Turnitin. Details at

Information Technology Center Helpdesk

For password help, faculty, and student support

All Faculty have an obligation to treat students with civility and respect and to foster a stimulating and productive learning environment. Evaluation of student work is one of the fundamental obligations of faculty. Examinations and assignments should be conscientiously designed, and all student work should be evaluated with impartiality. Grading should be done in a timely fashion and should be consistent with standards recognized as legitimate within the University and the professions. A student, who so requests, should be explained the grade assigned. Faculty should be as fair and complete as possible when communicating evaluative recommendations for students. Discriminatory conduct based on such factors as race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, or political beliefs in unacceptable in the University. Faculty should seek to make the University a hospitable community for all students, should value diversity, and should be sensitive to the harmful consequences of professional or student conduct or comments in classroom discussions or elsewhere that perpetuate stereotypes or prejudices involving such factors. Student rights are clearly defined under the University non-discrimination policies found at

Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities

The University is committed to eliminating disability-based discrimination against qualified persons with disabilities and to making appropriate reasonable accommodation for any known disability that interferes with an applicant's ability to compete in a selection process, an employee's ability to perform the essential functions of a job, a student's ability to meet the essential requirements of an academic program, or a person's ability to benefit from a University service or participate in a University sponsored or hosted event. Students should contact: Office of Disability Services, Montana State University, 137 Romney Hall, Email: [email protected], Phone: (406) 994-2824

A student who desires accommodation for a disability must submit appropriate documentation of the disability and request for accommodations to the above address. If a student presents the accommodation approved by the above office, you must make that accommodation. Contact the department head with any questions or concerns. If you believe that a student is disabled and could benefit from an accommodation, it is your responsibility to refer the student to the above office.

Complaints of discrimination, including harassment, based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation or preference, religion, age, disability, or veteran’s status should be reported to the department head, and/or Human Resources/Affirmative Action Office. Please review policies regarding sexual harassment and sexual intimidation at

Struggling Students

You can assist students who are at risk of failure by making referrals to places where they can get help. Students can access the Writing Center at

Additionally, there is assistance for writing at the library. The Math Learning Center is also a good resource with information at


The University has clearly stated policy for how students are to appeal grades. These policies are listed under the Student Conduct & Instructional Guidelines & Grievance Procedures. If a student wants to challenge you on a grade or a decision, please follow the policies as stated in section 500.00 Student Academic Grievance Procedures. You should note that the first step is that the student should attempt to resolve the matter directly with the instructor through a personal conference as soon as possible after the academic decision is known. If the matter is not resolved, the student should follow policy for filing a formal grievance. Please review the policy at

It is helpful to both you and the student if you can direct the student to the University policy as it allows for timely response to grievances.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Federal law affords students certain privacy rights regarding their education records. The Office of the Registrar provides a FERPA Overview which includes a guide to FERPA for Faculty addressing issues such as what information may or may not be legally shared, letters of recommendation, faculty access to student information, health or safety emergency disclosure, the student's right to access and to restrict information, and parental access to student information. When in doubt, look it up.

Version: August 2022