All MSU rooms are now scheduled on the Ad Astra room calendar. Education faculty or student groups please call the EHHD Dean's Office at (406) 994-4133 to schedule rooms. The Department of Education can schedule rooms 123, 124, 126, 206, 223, 301, 422, 423 and 425.

You can check for yourself to see if a room is available at the time you want. You will need to contact the office to have the room scheduled for you.

  1. Click the Ad Astra link (below instructions).  Be patient. It loads slowly. You do not need to sign in.
  2. Select "Scheduling Grids" from the "Calendars" tab. NOTE:  Cookies must be enabled. You many need to clear your browser cookies and cache (but not your browsing history) before you will see the schedule.
    Select Scheduling Grids

  3. Locate the Date Selector and Building Filter on the calendar page.
    Location of Ad Astra Date and Room Filters
  4. Select the desired date. 

    Select the date

  5. Select the filter for the desired building. 

    Room filter

Go to the Ad Astra room calendar.