This EdD Higher Education Academics specialization educates informed practitioners who want to teach or provide academic leadership and support at the post-secondary level. Students will work with their advisor on designing a program of study that meets their educational and professional objectives.

Program of Study

Core Courses (12 Credit Hours) 12
Higher Education History and Philosophy  
Organization and Administration of Higher Education  
College Students  
Institutional Research and Assessment  
Program Evaluation  
Other Required Core Courses (6 Credit Hours)  6
Doctoral Seminar  
Dissertation Seminar  
Electives (18 credit hours) 18
Issues and Trends in Higher Education  
Finance and Administration in Higher Education  
Resource and Program Management  
Critical Race Theory  
Am Indians/Minority in High Ed  
Post Secondary Distance Delivered Education  
College Teaching  
Student Development Theory  
Law and Policy in Higher Education  
Student Services  
* Approved electives may be selected from other Education programs or departments that strengthen the student's program of study. These courses need to be selected in consultation with the chair.
Statistics and Research Courses (9 Credit Hours beyond the masters) 9
Educational Statistics II  
Qualitative Educational Research  
Quantitative Educational Research  
EDCI 506, EDCI 501 or equivalent are prerequisite courses and do not satisfy research component of the degree.  
Dissertation (15 Credit Hours) 15
Doctoral Thesis  
 Total Credits  60
View the Graduate Research Methods 3-year rotation for both required and elective research offerings.