The Master of Arts in Teaching program and the Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Graduate Certificate programs are thrilled to collaborate to offer an initial pathway to FCS teacher licensure in a dynamic and accessible online format.

FCS educators are in high demand throughout Montana and the nation, with a unifying focus on empowering individuals and families as they manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. FCS educators teach coursework across sixteen areas of study organized by career pathway areas.   

The FCS Graduate Certificate fosters a community of professionals with a strong foundation in FCS pedagogical practices and content. FCS-specific coursework includes: 

  • HDFS 545: Contemporary Family Issues 
  • EDM 412: Family and Consumer Science Methods 
  • HDFS 550: Practical Reasoning: FCS Curriculum Development 
  • HDFS 419: STEAM: Clothing and Textiles 
  • HDFS 591: Family Finance Teaching and Outreach
  • HDFS 591: Nutrition and Culinary Instruction in FCS
  • HDFS 535: Contemporary Issues in Human Development 

Master of Arts in Teaching Education Preparation coursework includes:

  • EDCI 553: Inclusive Strategies for Classroom Organization
  • EDCI 538: Supporting SEL in Diverse Learners (field experience)
  • EDCI 595: Student Teaching
  • EDCI 569: Reflective Inquiry in Rural Education 
  • EDCI 519: Addressing Equity in Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
  • EDCI 564: The Comprehensive Portfolio

Interested in this pathway?

The FCS Graduate Certificate Coursework has been blended with the MAT coursework to provide a pathway to simultaneously earn your teaching license and FCS endorsement in a 40-credit program designed to be completed in 6-7 semesters. Course pacing aligns with Montana's licensure policies that allow you to teach while completing coursework concurrently.

Classes are distance delivered (facilitated online or in a blended format where you access the course remotely at a specified time each week). Each summer, one of the FCS certificate classes is held in conjunction with the state-wide FCS teacher update to create a dynamic learning atmosphere that connects experienced FCS educators with new professionals. You have the option to attend in person or remotely. In addition, during your first summer in the program, there is one class, EDCI 538 Supporting SEL in Diverse Learners, that includes an immersive on-campus experience. 


Applications for this pathway are accepted each semester. Please email Jamie O'Callaghan at [email protected] or Dr. Nicole Wanago at [email protected]