Applications accepted for Fall 2024 cohort beginning August 2024 

Reach out to Jamie O'Callaghan today at: [email protected] 

Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Teaching is a professional graduate degree designed for those with a bachelor's degree to complete the professional pedagogical coursework required for recommendation for initial licensure to teach in Montana or Wyoming's public elementary schools. The degree is designed to be completed in as little as five to seven semesters (including summer), depending on cohort availability. Additionally, the Master of Arts in Teaching degree at MSU is also available to support candidates working as teachers-of-record on a Class 5 license. The MAT at MSU-Bozeman is distinguished from other similar programs in that it has an intentional focus on place-conscious pedagogy and approaches to teaching with an emphasis on teaching in rural school districts.     

Additionally, the MAT Elementary Education track is able to assist with already licensed teachers in other content areas to add elementary education K8 as an added endorsement through a modified program track. Inquire with Jamie O'Callaghan for specifics on this program pathway. 

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree (MAT) requires 36 credits of pedogogical coursework, an additional two courses (6 credits) of content area prerequisites, and includes early field experience with Inclusive Community Camp, and two semesters of in-school experiences each, including either one semester of part-time practicum and one full-time semester of classroom Student Teaching or while hired as a teacher-of-record in the approved content area. Successful completion of all coursework, in-school experience, and required tests (Praxis) are required for graduation and recommendation for a Montana Class 1 Teaching License. 


Please reach out to Jamie O'Callaghan for more information at: [email protected] for more information regarding the MAT curriculum schedule.


**Prerequisite Courses

*M 419: Ratio and Proportion in Elementary School Mathematics

*EDCI 561: Early Literacy Acquisition: Encoding and Decoding


3 cr

3 cr

EDCI 552: Human Development and the Psychology of Learning

EDCI 563: Language Acquisition and Assessment

EDCI 553: Inclusive Strategies for Classroom Organization

EDCI 539: Methods of Teaching: K8 Arts and Health Enhancement through Inquiry Camp (field exp)

EDCI 543: Introduction to Curriculum Design and Assessment

EDCI 565: Methods of Teaching: K8 Mathematics

EDCI 566: Methods of Teaching: K8 Science

EDCI 567: Methods of Teaching: K8 Language Arts

EDCI 568: Methods of Teaching: K8 Social Studies

EDCI 555: Technology, Instructional Design, and Learner Success

EDCI 598: Practicum

EDCI 595: Student Teaching

EDCI 519: Addressing Equity in Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

EDCI 569: Reflective Inquiry in Rural Education 

 Program Total Credits

3 cr

3 cr

3 cr

3 cr

1 cr

2 cr

2 cr

2 cr

2 cr

2 cr

1 cr

6 cr

3 cr

3 cr


Prerequisites and Endorsement Areas

 In order to qualify for the Elementary Education track of the MAT, applicants must:

  • Have completed a bachelor's degree containing a liberal arts core or general education component
  • Applicants must have taken and passed Praxis Content Series 5001
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher for both Bachelor's degree, and for all graduate level coursework

Applicants to the Elementary Education MAT will enroll in and successfully complete the following two content prerequisite courses during the first two semesters in the MAT program. Successful completion of these courses is required for a recomendation for licensure:

  • M 419: Ratio and Proportion in School Mathematics  
  • EDCI 561: Early Literacy Acquisition: Encoding and Decoding


Interested candidates for the MAT program should begin by reaching out to the MAT office by emailing Jamie O'Callaghan at [email protected]. Next, applicants will begin a review and self-assessment of the elementary education content specific requirements and guidelines for admission, as outlined on our Endorsements page.  Applicants will also need to take and pass the Praxis Content Series 5001exam prior to application. Be sure to allow enough time to study for the test, and allow 2-5 weeks prior to the application deadline to receive official test scores. 

    • Online application to Montana State University Graduate School with $70 fee. Please access using this link: 
      • Application is found under "Online Only Master's and Doctoral Programs". 
    • Submit official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended.
      • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher for both bachelor’s degree, and for all graduate level coursework - may be emailed directly to Jamie O'Callaghan or to [email protected]

Please see our Endorsement Area page for detailed information about the requirements for the Elementary Education MAT track and qualifications for admission.

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher for both Bachelor's degree, and for all graduate level coursework