Looking to make an impact in your rural community in Montana, but don't have a degree in Education or a Teaching Credential? The Montana Rural Teacher Project (MRTP) might be the program for you.

Custer County HIgh School

Custer County HIgh School

The MRTP is a competitive teacher residency program linked to Montana State University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) , a 12-16 month full-time graduate degree that prepares individuals for employment as K-12 teachers in Montana’s rural schools. The MRTP is a federally-funded program through the Teacher Quality Partnership designed to support rural teacher candidates as they complete the MAT degree and transition into classrooms. Project support extends from teacher preparation into the first two years of teaching and includes the following:

  • Placement in a qualifying rural school during the MAT program, with structured activities designed to meet practicum and student teaching requirements. This is known as a "teaching residency", where the MAT student works alongside a qualified teacher throughout an academic year in order to learn and grow from that teacher. 
  • Financial support through living-wage stipend (please inquire for stipend details) while completing teaching residency and MAT program.
  • Participation in new teacher mentoring and support during the first two years of teaching, upon completion of the MAT program.
  • Ongoing opportunities for online and face-to-face professional learning provided by a wide variety of statewide organizations.
  • Professional Development for school leaders (principals and superintendents, school board members) about best practices in recruiting and retaining high-quality rural teachers. 
    Bigfork High School

    Bigfork High School

The goal of the Montana Rural Teacher Project is to strengthen rural education in Montana by preparing qualified and motivated teachers for rural K-12 classrooms. Ideally, we seek to “grow” teachers locally by recruiting candidates from within rural communities. Participants will complete the intensive MAT program preparing them to become licensed teachers in 12-16 months. Once licensed, participants will then seek teaching positions in local, rural schools (qualifying schools can be found at the bottom of this page). 

Participants in the Montana Rural Teacher Project are not eligible to be hired as a teacher of record in a classroom during the one-year teaching residency. 

Successful applicants for the MRTP must:

  • Meet selection criteria
  • Actively engage in and complete the MAT curriculum 
  • Commit to teaching in an eligible rural school setting for at least three years
  • Actively engage in the Mentoring Program during the first two years of teaching

Candidates interested in the MRTP will first apply to the Master of Arts in Teaching program and, subsequent to admission in that program, will then apply for MRTP funding. Failure to complete any of the above requirements will result in repayment of any disbursed funds.

1.    Complete the Master of Arts in Teaching program in the designated timeline

2.    Successfully complete the required Teaching Residency in one of the eligible schools as outlined and determined by the MAT program (placement will be provided by the MAT program, see list of eligible schools below)

3.  Apply for a Class 2 Teaching License upon successful completion of the MAT program and institutional recommendation for licensure as a Montana educator

1.    Apply for and obtain a teaching position in an eligible school. Employment does not have to be the same school in which the Teaching Residency was completed.

2.   Maintain employment as a teacher for a minimum of three academic years in an eligible school (does not have to be the same school all three years)

3.   Participate in the two-year Montana Rural Teacher Project mentoring program


The map below shows the several partner schools who have welcomed an MRTP participant into their classroom. The yellow pins are schools that have signed an MRTP graduate to teach and be part of their community. Purple pins are those which hosted a teacher resident in 20-21 and blue pins will be hosting the second cohort of MRTP teacher candidates in 21-22.



Gardiner Schools

Gardiner Schools

The Montana Rural Teacher Project and the Montana Office of Public Instruction have partnered in the offering of this funding opportunity. The Montana Office of Public Instruction is the MRTP designated education authority (LEA) and has certified the following list of schools in which our candidates may complete their program and service requirements. 

View all of our Collaborative Partners.

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If you are wondering if this program is for you please reach out to Jamie O'Callaghan at [email protected] for more information. 

In partnership with the Montana Rural Teacher Project, the Montana Office of Public Instruction has certified the following list of schools in which MRTP candidates may complete their program and service requirements.



Below is the list of certified schools for calendar year 2020. Please note that eligible schools are subject to change annually. 


Absarokee 6-8 ABSAROKEE Garfield School MILES CITY Plentywood 7-8 PLENTYWOOD
Absarokee High School ABSAROKEE Garrison School GARRISON Plentywood High School PLENTYWOOD
Absarokee School ABSAROKEE Geraldine High School GERALDINE Plentywood School PLENTYWOOD
Alberton 7-8 ALBERTON Geraldine Middle School GERALDINE Plevna 7-8 PLEVNA
Alberton High School ALBERTON Geraldine School GERALDINE Plevna High School PLEVNA
Alberton School ALBERTON Geyser 7-8 GEYSER Plevna School PLEVNA
Alder School ALDER Geyser High School GEYSER Polaris School POLARIS
Alzada School ALZADA Geyser School GEYSER Polson High School POLSON
Amsterdam School MANHATTAN Giant Springs Elementary GREAT FALLS Polson Middle School POLSON
Anaconda Jr High School ANACONDA Gildford Colony School GILDFORD Pondera Colony School VALIER
Anaconda Sr High School ANACONDA Glacier Elementary School CUT BANK Ponderosa School BILLINGS
Anna Jeffries Elementary CUT BANK Glacier Gateway Elem COLUMBIA FALLS Poplar 5-6 School POPLAR
Arlee 7-8 ARLEE Glasgow High School GLASGOW Poplar 7-8 POPLAR
Arlee Elementary ARLEE Glasgow Middle School GLASGOW Poplar High School POPLAR
Arlee High School ARLEE Glendale School CUT BANK Poplar School POPLAR
Arrow Creek Elem School PRYOR Gold Creek School GOLD CREEK Porter Middle School MISSOULA 
Arrowhead 7-8 LIVINGSTON Golden Ridge School FAIRFIELD Potomac 7-8 BONNER
Arrowhead School LIVINGSTON Granite High School PHILIPSBURG Potomac School BONNER
Ashland 7-8 ASHLAND Grant School DILLON Powder River Co Dist High BROADUS
Ashland School ASHLAND Grass Range 7-8 GRASS RANGE Powell County High School DEER LODGE
Auchard Creek School WOLF CREEK Grass Range High School GRASS RANGE Power 7-8 POWER
Augusta 7-8 AUGUSTA Grass Range School GRASS RANGE Power High School POWER
Augusta Elementary School AUGUSTA Greenfield 7-8 FAIRFIELD Power School POWER
Augusta High School AUGUSTA Greenfield School FAIRFIELD Pretty Eagle Cthlc Schl ASHLAND
Avon School AVON Greycliff School GREYCLIFF Pryor 7-8 PRYOR
Ayers School GRASS RANGE H C Davis Elementary CUT BANK Quentin Brown Primary K-4 CORVALLIS
B A Winans School LIVINGSTON Hall School HALL Rapelje 7-8 RAPELJE
Babb School BABB Hamilton High School HAMILTON Rapelje High School RAPELJE
Bainville 7-8 BAINVILLE Hamilton Middle School HAMILTON Rapelje School RAPELJE
Bainville High School BAINVILLE Hammond School HAMMOND Rau School SIDNEY
Bainville School BAINVILLE Hardin High School HARDIN Red Lodge High School RED LODGE
Baker 7-8 BAKER Hardin Intermediate HARDIN Redwater 7-8 CIRCLE
Baker High School BAKER Hardin Middle School HARDIN Redwater School CIRCLE
Barbara Gilligan 7-8 BROCKTON Hardin Primary HARDIN Reed Point 7-8 REEDPOINT
Barbara Gilligan School BROCKTON Harlem 7-8 HARLEM Reed Point Elementary REEDPOINT
Basin School BASIN Harlem Elementary School HARLEM Reed Point High School REEDPOINT
Bear Paw School CHINOOK Harlem High School HARLEM Reichle School GLEN
Beaverhead Co High School DILLON Harlowton High School HARLOWTON Richey 7-8 RICHEY
Belfry 7-8 BELFRY Harlowton K-12 HARLOWTON Richey High School RICHEY
Belfry High School BELFRY Harrison 7-8 HARRISON Richey School RICHEY
Belfry School BELFRY Harrison High School HARRISON Rimrock Colony School SUNBURST
Belt 7-8 BELT Harrison School HARRISON Riverside Middle School BILLINGS
Belt High School BELT Hartland Elementary School CHINOOK Riverview Elementary CHESTER
Belt School BELT Havre High School HAVRE Riverview School MILES CITY
Benton Lake School FLOWEREE Havre Middle School HAVRE Roberts 7-8 ROBERTS
Biddle School BIDDLE Hawks Home School HAMMOND Roberts High School ROBERTS
Big Sandy 7-8 BIG SANDY Hawthorne School MISSOULA  Roberts School ROBERTS
Big Sandy High School BIG SANDY Hays-Lodge Pole 7-8 HAYS Rocky Boy 7-8 BOX ELDER
Big Sky School CUT BANK Hays-Lodge Pole High Sch HAYS Rocky Boy High School BOX ELDER
Big Stone School SAND COULEE Heart Butte 6-8 HEART BUTTE Rocky Boy School BOX ELDER
Big Timber 7-8 BIG TIMBER Heart Butte Elementary HEART BUTTE Ronan High School RONAN
Big Timber School BIG TIMBER Heart Butte High School HEART BUTTE Ronan Middle School RONAN
Bigfork 7-8 BIGFORK Helmville School HELMVILLE Roosevelt Junior High RED LODGE
Bigfork Elementary BIGFORK Hidden Lake Elementary CUT BANK Rosebud 7-8 ROSEBUD
Bigfork High School BIGFORK Highland Park School HAVRE Rosebud High School ROSEBUD
Birch Creek Colony School   Highland Park School LEWISTOWN Rosebud School ROSEBUD
Birney School BIRNEY Highland Park School MILES CITY Ross School MOSBY
Bissell 7-8 WHITEFISH Highwood High School HIGHWOOD Roundup 7-8 ROUNDUP
Bissell School WHITEFISH Highwood Middle School HIGHWOOD Roundup Elementary ROUNDUP
Bloomfield School BLOOMFIELD Highwood School HIGHWOOD Roundup H S ROUNDUP
Bo Peep School CIRCLE Hill Top Colony School STOCKETT Roy 6-8 ROY
Bonner 7-8 BONNER Hillcrest 7-8 HARLOWTON Roy High School ROY
Boulder 7-8 BOULDER Hillcrest Colony Elementary POWER Roy School ROY
Boulder Elementary School BOULDER Hillcrest School HARLOWTON Ruder Elementary COLUMBIA FALLS
Box Elder 7-8 BOX ELDER Hillside Colony School SWEET GRASS Russell School KALISPELL
Box Elder High School BOX ELDER Hinsdale 7-8 HINSDALE Russell School MISSOULA 
Box Elder School BOX ELDER Hinsdale High School HINSDALE Ryegate 7-8 RYEGATE
Bridger 7-8 BRIDGER Hinsdale School HINSDALE Ryegate High School RYEGATE
Bridger Elementary School BRIDGER Hobson 6-8 HOBSON Ryegate School RYEGATE
Bridger High School BRIDGER Hobson High School HOBSON S H School MILES CITY
Broadus 7-8 BROADUS Hobson School HOBSON S Y School MILES CITY
Broadus School BROADUS Horizon Elementary CUT BANK Saco 7-8 SACO
Broadview 7-8 BROADVIEW Hot Springs 7-8 HOT SPRINGS Saco High School SACO
Broadview High School BROADVIEW Hot Springs High School HOT SPRINGS Saco School SACO
Broadview School BROADVIEW Hot Springs School HOT SPRINGS Sage Creek Elementary CHESTER
Broadwater High School TOWNSEND Huntley Project 7-8 WORDEN Salmon Prairie School BIGFORK
Brockton High School BROCKTON Huntley Project Elem K-6 WORDEN Sand Springs School SAND SPRINGS
Brorson School SIDNEY Huntley Project High Schl WORDEN Savage 7-8 SAVAGE
Browning Elementary BROWNING Hysham 7-8 HYSHAM Savage High School SAVAGE
Browning High School BROWNING Hysham High School HYSHAM Savage School SAVAGE
Browning Middle School BROWNING Hysham School HYSHAM Scobey 7-8 SCOBEY
Bryant School HELENA Irle Elementary School GLASGOW Scobey High School SCOBEY
Bynum School BYNUM Jackson School JACKSON Scobey School SCOBEY
Cam Rose School SHELBY Jefferson High School BOULDER Seeley Lake 7-8 SEELEY LAKE
Cardwell School CARDWELL Jefferson School GLENDIVE Seeley Lake Elementary SEELEY LAKE
Carter County High School EKALAKA Jefferson School MILES CITY Seeley-Swan High School SEELEY LAKE
Carter School CARTER Joliet 7-8 JOLIET Shelby 7-8 SHELBY
Cascade 7-8 CASCADE Joliet High School JOLIET Shelby Elementary School SHELBY
Cascade Colony School SIMMS Joliet School JOLIET Shelby High School SHELBY
Cascade High School CASCADE Jordan 7-8 JORDAN Shepherd Elementary SHEPHERD
Cascade School CASCADE Jordan Elementary School JORDAN Shepherd High School SHEPHERD
Cecelia Hazelton School TOWNSEND Judith Gap 7-8 JUDITH GAP Shepherd Middle School SHEPHERD
Centerville 6-8 STOCKETT Judith Gap High School JUDITH GAP Sheridan 7-8 SHERIDAN
Centerville High School STOCKETT Judith Gap School JUDITH GAP Sheridan Elementary Schl SHERIDAN
Centerville School STOCKETT K William Harvey Elem RONAN Sheridan High School SHERIDAN
Central Elementary SIDNEY Kennedy School BUTTE Shields Valley 7-8 CLYDE PARK
Charlo 7-8 CHARLO Kester School JORDAN Shields Valley Elementary WILSALL
Charlo Elementary CHARLO Kila 7-8 KILA Shields Valley High Schl CLYDE PARK
Charlo High School CHARLO Kila School KILA Sidney High School SIDNEY
Cherry Valley School POLSON King Colony School LEWISTOWN Sidney Middle School SIDNEY
Chester-Joplin-Inverness 7-8 CHESTER Kingsbury Colony Attn Ctr VALIER Simms High School SIMMS
Chester-Joplin-Inverness HS CHESTER Kinsey School KINSEY Sleeping Giant Middle Sch LIVINGSTON
Chester-Joplin-Inverness Schl CHESTER Kircher School MILES CITY Smith Valley 7-8 KALISPELL
Chinook 7-8 CHINOOK Knees School BRADY South School LAUREL
Chinook High School CHINOOK KW-VC Elementary BROWNING Southside School WOLF POINT
Choteau 7-8 CHOTEAU L A Muldown School WHITEFISH Spring Creek Colony Schl LEWISTOWN
Choteau High School CHOTEAU Lambert 7-8 LAMBERT Spring Creek School DECKER
Choteau School CHOTEAU Lambert High School LAMBERT Spring Creek School POWDERVILLE
Circle High School CIRCLE Lambert School LAMBERT Springhill School BELGRADE
Cleveland School CHINOOK Lame Deer 7-8 LAME DEER St Charles Mission School PRYOR
Clinton 7-8 CLINTON Lame Deer High School LAME DEER St Ignatius Elementary School ST IGNATIUS
Clinton School CLINTON Lame Deer School LAME DEER St Ignatius High School ST IGNATIUS
Cohagen School COHAGEN Laurel High School LAUREL St Ignatius Middle School ST IGNATIUS
Colstrip High School COLSTRIP Laurel Middle School LAUREL St Labre High School ASHLAND
Columbia Falls High Schl COLUMBIA FALLS Lavina 7-8 LAVINA St Labre School ASHLAND
Columbia Falls Jr HS COLUMBIA FALLS Lavina High School LAVINA St Paul Mission School HAYS
Columbus Elem School COLUMBUS Lavina School LAVINA St Regis 7-8 ST REGIS
Columbus High School COLUMBUS Lewis & Clark School LEWISTOWN St Regis High School ST REGIS
Columbus Middle School COLUMBUS Lewistown 7-8 LEWISTOWN St Regis School ST REGIS
Conrad High School CONRAD Libby Elementary School LIBBY Stanford 7-8 STANFORD
Cooke City School COOKE CITY Libby High School LIBBY Stanford High School STANFORD
Cool Spring Colony School RUDYARD Libby Middle School LIBBY Stanford School STANFORD
Cornelius Hedges School KALISPELL Liberty Elementary School GALATA Stevensville 7-8 STEVENSVILLE
Corvallis 7-8 CORVALLIS Lima 7-8 LIMA Stevensville High School STEVENSVILLE
Corvallis High School CORVALLIS Lima High School LIMA Stevensville K-6 STEVENSVILLE
Cottonwood School HAVRE Lima School LIMA Sun River Middle School SUN RIVER
Crow Agency School CROW AGENCY Lincoln 7-8 LINCOLN Sunburst  7 - 8 SUNBURST
Culbertson 7-8 CULBERTSON Lincoln Co High School EUREKA Sunburst Elementary SUNBURST
Culbertson High School CULBERTSON Lincoln Elementary School LINCOLN Sunburst High School SUNBURST
Culbertson School CULBERTSON Lincoln High School LINCOLN Sunnyside School HAVRE
Custer 7-8 CUSTER Lincoln Primary ANACONDA Sunnyside School GREAT FALLS
Custer Co District High MILES CITY Lincoln School BAKER Sunset School GREENOUGH
Custer High School CUSTER Lincoln School GLENDIVE Superior 7-8 SUPERIOR
Custer School CUSTER Lincoln School MILES CITY Superior Elementary SUPERIOR
Cut Bank High School CUT BANK Lincoln-McKinley School HAVRE Superior High School SUPERIOR
Cut Bank Middle School CUT BANK Linderman School POLSON Surprise Creek School GEYSER
Daly School HAMILTON Lindsay School LINDSAY Swan River 7-8 BIGFORK
Darby 7-8 DARBY Lockwood Intermediate LOCKWOOD Swan River School BIGFORK
Darby High School DARBY Lockwood Middle School LOCKWOOD Swan Valley 7-8 CONDON
Darby School DARBY Lodge Grass 7-8 LODGE GRASS Swan Valley School CONDON
Davey Elementary HAVRE Lodge Grass High School LODGE GRASS Sweet Grass Co High Schl BIG TIMBER
Dawson High School GLENDIVE Lodge Grass School LODGE GRASS Terry High School TERRY
Dayton School DAYTON Lodge Pole School HAYS Terry Middle School TERRY
De La Salle Blackfeet School BROWNING Lone Peak High School BIG SKY Terry School TERRY
Deer Creek School GLENDIVE Lone Rock Middle School STEVENSVILLE Thompson Falls 7-8 THOMPSON FALLS
Deer Park 7-8 COLUMBIA FALLS Lone Rock School STEVENSVILLE Thompson Falls Elem Schl THOMPSON FALLS
Deer Park School COLUMBIA FALLS Longfellow School BAKER Thompson Falls High Schl THOMPSON FALLS
Deerfield School LEWISTOWN Longfellow School GREAT FALLS Three Forks 7-8 THREE FORKS
Denton 7-8 DENTON Loring Colony School LORING Three Forks Elem School THREE FORKS
Denton High School DENTON Lowell School MISSOULA  Three Forks High School THREE FORKS
Denton School DENTON Lustre Christian H S FRAZER Townsend 7-8 TOWNSEND
DeSmet 7-8 DeSmet Lustre School FRAZER Trego School TREGO
DeSmet School DeSmet Luther School LUTHER Trinity School CANYON CREEK
Dillon Middle School DILLON Malta 6-7-8 MALTA Trout Creek 7-8 TROUT CREEK
Divide School DIVIDE Malta High School MALTA Trout Creek School TROUT CREEK
Dixon 7-8 DIXON Malta K-5 MALTA Troy 7-8 TROY
Dixon Elementary DIXON Manhattan 5-8 MANHATTAN Troy High School TROY
Dodson 7-8 DODSON Manhattan Christian H S MANHATTAN Turner 7-8 TURNER
Dodson High School DODSON Manhattan Elem MANHATTAN Turner High School TURNER
Dodson School DODSON Manhattan H S MANHATTAN Turner School TURNER
Drummond 7-8 DRUMMOND Marion 7-8 MARION Twin Bridges 7-8 TWIN BRIDGES
Drummond High School DRUMMOND Marion School MARION Twin Bridges High School TWIN BRIDGES
Drummond School DRUMMOND McCormick School TROY Twin Bridges School TWIN BRIDGES
Dupuyer School DUPUYER McKinley School BILLINGS Two Eagle River High Schl RONAN
Dutton/Brady Elementary DUTTON McLeod School MCLEOD Two Eagle River School RONAN
Dutton/Brady High School DUTTON Meadowlark School CHINOOK Utterback 4-6 CONRAD
Dutton/Brady Middle School DUTTON Meadowlark School CONRAD Utterback 7-8 CONRAD
E F Duvall 7-8 DEER LODGE Medicine Crow Middle School BILLINGS Valier 7-8 VALIER
East Evergreen School EVERGREEN Medicine Lake 7-8 MEDICINE LAKE Valier High School VALIER
East Glacier Park School EAST GLACIER PARK Medicine Lake High School MEDICINE LAKE Valier School VALIER
East Middle School BUTTE Medicine Lake School MEDICINE LAKE Valley View School POLSON
East Middle School GREAT FALLS Melrose School MELROSE Vaughn 7-8 VAUGHN
East Side School LIVINGSTON Melstone 6-8 MELSTONE Vaughn School VAUGHN
Edna Thomas School CORVALLIS Melstone High School MELSTONE Victor High School VICTOR
Ekalaka 7-8 EKALAKA Melstone School MELSTONE Victor Middle School VICTOR
Ekalaka Elementary School EKALAKA Melville School MELVILLE Victor School VICTOR
Elliston School ELLISTON Miami School CONRAD Vida School VIDA
Ennis 7-8 ENNIS Midway Colony CONRAD W F Morrison School TROY
Ennis High School ENNIS Molt School MOLT Washington 7-8 MILES CITY
Ennis School ENNIS Moore 7-8 MOORE Washington Middle School GLENDIVE
Eureka Elementary School EUREKA Moore High School MOORE Washington School HAMILTON
Eureka Middle School 5-8 EUREKA Moore School MOORE West Elementary GREAT FALLS
Evergreen Junior High EVERGREEN Morin School BILLINGS West Elementary School BUTTE
F E Miley School BIG SANDY Mountain View Elementary CUT BANK West Glacier School WEST GLACIER
Fairfield 7-8 FAIRFIELD Mountain View School RED LODGE West School LAUREL
Fairfield Elementary School FAIRFIELD Napi School BROWNING West Side Elementary SIDNEY
Fairfield High School FAIRFIELD Nashua 7-8 NASHUA West Yellowstone 7-8 WEST YELLOWSTONE
Fairhaven Colony SUN RIVER Nashua High School NASHUA West Yellowstone HS WEST YELLOWSTONE
Fairview 7-8 FAIRVIEW Nashua School NASHUA West Yellowstone School WEST YELLOWSTONE
Fairview High School FAIRVIEW Newman School BILLINGS Westby 7-8 WESTBY
Fairview School FAIRVIEW Nkwusm NKWUSM Westby High School WESTBY
Fergus High School LEWISTOWN North Harlem Elementary HARLEM Westby School WESTBY
Fishtail School FISHTAIL North Star 7-8 RUDYARD White Sulphur Springs 7-8 WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS
Florence-Carlton 7-8 FLORENCE North Star High School RUDYARD White Sulphur Springs El WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS
Florence-Carlton El Schl FLORENCE North Star School GILDFORD White Sulphur Springs HS WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS
Florence-Carlton HS FLORENCE Northern Cheyenne Trib El BUSBY Whitefish High School WHITEFISH
Forsyth 7-8 FORSYTH Northern Cheyenne Trib HS BUSBY Whitefish Middle 5-8 WHITEFISH
Forsyth Elementary School FORSYTH Northern Cheyenne Tribal 7-8 BUSBY Whitehall 6-8 WHITEHALL
Forsyth High School FORSYTH Northside School WOLF POINT Whitehall Elementary WHITEHALL
Fort Benton 7-8 FORT BENTON Noxon 7-8 NOXON Whitehall High School WHITEHALL
Fort Benton High School FORT BENTON Noxon High School NOXON Whitewater 6-8 WHITEWATER
Fort Benton School FORT BENTON Noxon School NOXON Whitewater High School WHITEWATER
Fort Shaw Elem School FORT SHAW Nye School NYE Whitewater School WHITEWATER
Fort Smith School FORT SMITH O D Speer School DEER LODGE Whittier School GREAT FALLS
Fortine 7-8 FORTINE Opheim 7-8 OPHEIM Wibaux 7-8 WIBAUX
Fortine School FORTINE Opheim High School OPHEIM Wibaux Elementary School WIBAUX
Frank Brattin Middle Schl COLSTRIP Opheim School OPHEIM Wibaux High School WIBAUX
Franklin School MISSOULA  Ophir 7-8 BIG SKY Willow Creek 7-8 WILLOW CREEK
Frazer 7-8 FRAZER Ophir Elementary School BIG SKY Willow Creek High School WILLOW CREEK
Frazer Elementary FRAZER Orchard School BILLINGS Willow Creek School WILLOW CREEK
Frazer High School FRAZER Ovando School OVANDO Winifred 6-8 WINIFRED
Fred Moodry Intermediate ANACONDA Pablo Elementary PABLO Winifred High School WINIFRED
Fred W Graff School LAUREL Park City 7-8 PARK CITY Winifred School WINIFRED
Frenchtown 6-8 FRENCHTOWN Park City High School PARK CITY Winnett 7-8 WINNETT
Frenchtown Elementary School FRENCHTOWN Park City School PARK CITY Winnett High School WINNETT
Frenchtown High School FRENCHTOWN Park High School LIVINGSTON Winnett School WINNETT
Frenchtown Intermediate School FRENCHTOWN Parkview School DILLON Wisdom School WISDOM
Froid 7-8 FROID Pass Creek School BELGRADE Wise River School WISE RIVER
Froid Elementary School FROID Pendroy School PENDROY Wolf Creek School WOLF CREEK
Froid High School FROID Philipsburg 7-8 PHILIPSBURG Wolf Point 7-8 WOLF POINT
Fromberg High School FROMBERG Philipsburg School PHILIPSBURG Wolf Point High School WOLF POINT
Fromberg Middle School FROMBERG Pine Butte Elementary Sch COLSTRIP Woodman 7-8 LOLO
Fromberg School FROMBERG Pine Creek 6-8 LIVINGSTON Woodman School LOLO
Frontier 7-8 WOLF POINT Pine Creek School LIVINGSTON Wyola 7-8 WYOLA
Frontier School WOLF POINT Pine Grove School BRUSETT Wyola School WYOLA
Galata School GALATA Plains 7-8 PLAINS Yaak School TROY
Gardiner 7-8 GARDINER Plains Elementary School PLAINS Zenith Elementary CUT BANK
Gardiner High School GARDINER Plains High School PLAINS Zurich School CHINOOK
Gardiner School GARDINER Pleasant Valley School BELT    
Garfield Co Dist HS JORDAN Pleasant Valley School MARION    
Garfield School LEWISTOWN Plenty Coups High School PRYOR