Law Enforcement Response: 

REMEMBER: Law Enforcement’s first priority is to confront and disable the threat.

When Law Enforcement Arrives

  • When law enforcement reaches you, do not run at them or make sudden movements.
  • Responding officers will not necessarily know the identity of the shooter and may treat everyone they encounter as a possible suspect.
  • Do not scream, yell, point, or wave your arms.
  • Do not hold anything in your hands that could be mistaken for a weapon (including cell phones).
  • Show the officers your empty hands and follow their instructions.
  • Remain calm and follow the instructions of the responding officers.
  • The first officers to arrive at the scene will not stop to help injured persons: their task is to proceed immediately to the shooter/threat.
  • Once the threat has been neutralized, safety corridors will be established and the building will be evacuated.

Information to Provide to Law Enforcement or 911 Dispatchers

  • Building name and address
  • Location of the agressor(s)
  • Number of agressors
  • Physical description of agressor(s) (weight, height, race, gender, clothing color and style, etc.)
  • Number and type of weapons held by the agressor(s) (handgun, rifle, shotgun, explosives, knife)
  • Number of potential victims at the location

Preparation and Prevention: 

  • When in doubt, report any suspicious activity or behavior to 911 or the Dean of Students
  • Remain calm to avoid provoking disruptive individual(s)
  • Do not physically confront the person and do not block the person’s access to an exit
  • Do not let anyone into a locked building/office
  • Keep away from the area and alert others to the danger
  • Provide as much information as possible about the person and his or her direction of travel
  • Maintain a safe distance from the suspect until emergency personnel arrive.  Do not attempt to subdue the individual; avoid direct eye contact
  • Follow instructions of emergency personnel
  • If told to seek safe shelter, get inside immediately and lock doors
  • If an active shooter situation develops, remember: Run, Hide, Fight

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