Table of Contents 

Acronyms and Definitions 

The Basic Plan 

Section 1: Introductory Materials 

Section 2: Purpose, Scope, Situation and Assumptions 

Section 3: Concept of Operations 

Section 4: Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities

Section 5: Direction, Control and Coordination 

Section 6: Communications 

Section 7: Administration, Finance and Logistics 

Section 8: Plan Development, Maintenance and Training 

Section 9: Authorities and References 


Plan Appendices 

Appendix A: Record of Distribution 

Appendix B: Record of EOP Revisions 

Appendix C: MSU Emergency Management Administrative Responsibility

Appendix D: MSU Emergency Management Organization Chart

Appendix E: Hazard Vulnerability Analysis 

Appendix F: MSU Capability Assessment 


Functional Annexes 

Functional Annex A: Responsibilities of Key Personnel/Departments 

Functional Annex B: External Partners 

Functional Annex C: MSU EOC Structure 

Functional Annex D: MSU Alert System 

Functional Annex: E: Campus Evacuation 

Functional Annex F: Reduction in Academic and/or Business Services 

Functional Annex G: Shelter in Place 

Functional Annex H: ADA and Other Needs 


Hazard Specific Annexes 

Hazard Specific Annex A: Earthquake

Hazard Specific Annex B: Extreme Weather 

Hazard Specific Annex C: Pandemic

Hazard Specific Annex D: Fire 

Hazard Specific Annex E: Active Shooter 

Hazard Specific Annex F: Bomb Threat 

Hazard Specific Annex G: Hazardous Materials 

Hazard Specific Annex H: Research Animal Emergency Response Plan 

Hazard Specific Annex I: Select Agent Plans