Checklist Information

The Submission Checklist is a shorter version of the Formatting Checklist, listing the most commonly seen formatting mistakes. Studentswill be required to complete all of the checklist steps before the final PDF can be submitted to the ETD Final Upload Portal.

Review the checklist items alongside the Sample Pages PDF or Templates. The Formatting FAQ and Video Tutorials can help with common formatting tasks in Word.

If you have questions about any of the checklist items, email the Formatting Advisor.

Entire Document

  • Margins are at least 1" on each side. No text, figures, or tables extended into the margins.
  • Page numbers are set 1" from the top; the page following the Copyright page is the first to get a page number (starts with ii). The body of your text (Chapter One) starts on page 1: Page Number Instructions.

Front Matter

  • Title page: Has your full name (including full middle name). Your name on the Copyright page should match.
  • Title page: Has the date of your ETD submission deadline (may be different from graduation month or defense date).
  • Dedication page (optional): The text is single spaced.
  • Acknowledgements page (optional) Text is double spaced and does not exceed one page.
  • Table of Contents / List of Tables / List of Figures: Titles are wrapped ¾ of the way to the page number (see the yellow note on the top of pg. iii of the Sample Pages)
  • Table of Contents / List of Tables / List of Figures: It says “TABLE OF CONTENTS/TABLES/FIGURES CONTINUED” at the top of subsequent pages.
  • Abstract: Your abstract is less than 350 words.

 Body Matter

  • The chapter titles are in all caps.
  • Accessibility: You have addressed accessibility tasks, such as using Styles for headings, adding alt text for each figure and each table.
  • You have reviewed the differences between Double spaces and Triple spaces (video tutorial) and ensure that you do not have Quadruple spaces.
  • There is no extra spacing between paragraphs.
  • All landscape pages have the page numbers are rotated to the right side of the page.
  • Each chapter starts on a new page. Information on using Page Breaks to get a new page.

 Manuscript Options

  • All Manuscript Option chapters start with the Contributions of Authors and Co-Authors and Manuscript Information pages, which are also listed in the Table of Contents.
  • Chapters using the manuscript option may optionally use a different formatting style, but page numbers and page margins are consistent with the rest of the document.