Cowboy Poetry is designed to teach you how to write original poetry. You will learn about the basic rhyme patterns used in most poetry, some of the classic cowboy poems from the old masters, the basics of meter and rhythm and “free verse.” This project is designed to provide another way to practice public presentation skills, develop a greater appreciation for local history and everyday life and give opportunities to write an oral history of family and experiences in 4-H. This project is self-paced to learn at your own pace. There are no “levels” in this project and you can re-enroll as often as you would like.


To complete this project, set goals and record project highlights in Montana 4-H record forms, write at least three original poems composed of at least four-line stanzas and demonstrate a specific rhyme pattern in original verse. The member manual also lists other activities to make your experiences rewarding—from performing at local events to locating cowboy poetry in your local library and on the internet.


M Spurrin’ the Words, Member Manual, 5308
L Spurring the Words, Leader’s Guide, 5309