Rangelands are grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, wetlands, and deserts that are grazed by domestic livestock or wild animals. In this project you will learn the importance of rangeland, how rangeland is managed and how to identify common rangeland plants. You will build a plant press and begin your rangeland plant collection.

Range, Level 1


See project sheet on the Range Science CD


M Range Science CD, 5345
M Range Plants of Montana, MSU Extension, EB0122
M Range Plant Labels, 2FM203, Pads of 25

Additional Resources for All Levels

S At Home on the Range, Level 1, 5311

Range Science Independent Study/Advanced

Level 1 is a three year project. Due to outdated curriculum, Montana State 4-H Curriculum Team (MCAT) is in the process of replacing Montana range curriculum. The above is temporary until MCAT has developed a suitable curriculum for the state.