4-H programs will follow the Governor's phase 1 plan. This includes physical distancing guidlines and limitations to face-to-face group numbers.  Please look for updates from your local MSU Extension County office on county specific recommendations and information. 

 We understand the difficulty and disappointment this may cause, but we are acting based on what we believe is in the best interest of you and your communities. Montana 4-H and MSU Extension is still in business! We will change the way we meet for the immediate future, but continue to plan summer camps, fairs, and events.

Please stay healthy and safe,
Todd Kesner, Director and the Montana 4-H State Office Staff

The 4-H Center is updating this page as resources become available and are vetted by Extension faculty. If you have ideas on how to keep Montana 4-H connected please feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Staying connected in these ever-changing times is extremely important. 4-H is a community of people that rely on each other and below are some resources to help 4-H members and volunteers to stay connected while respecting recommendations for social distancing or isolation. 

Club Meetings and Remote 4-H Learning

There are a variety of important reasons to stay connected with 4-H members during this time, including maintaining healthy relationships with caring adults and peers. Utah 4-H has a very short video that describes the variety of ways to stay connected, one of them being virtual meetings. Here is a document provided by University of Wyoming

Extension/4-H describing a variety of helpful information on remote technology.


Schedule a Zoom meeting. Anyone can sign up for a free zoom account. This account has a 40 minute meeting limit, but who wants to meet for longer than that, really. Use this to hold a 4-H club or committee meeting. Or to simply get together and chat with 4-H friends and share what you are all doing at home while social distancing.

How to Prevent Zoombombing (Wyoming Extension Help Sheet)

Zoom Support Page has several helpful tutorials. how to join a meeting / scheduling a meeting / meeting settings.

Google Hangouts/Meet

Google is an option that many youth are already familiar with because many public schools use the google platform. it is simple and straightforward application. The meeting host needs to have a gmail/google account to set up a meeting, but can invite guests once the meeting is set up. 

1.1 Start a video meeting

Learn the different ways to start a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, a web browser, or your phone.

1.2 Join a video meeting

Learn the different ways to join a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, meeting link, or conference room.

1.3 Add people to a meeting

Learn the different ways to add people to a video meeting, such as from a Calendar invite, Meet, or a phone.

Facebook Live

Do you already have a Facebook group for your club or project group? Have club officers, teens or volunteers GO LIVE and share information, like changes to your club events, new deadlines or some project info people can work on at home. MSU Extension Pondera County has begun doing this on their facebook page!

Google Classroom

This is a great opportunity to start a Google classroom page for your club. You can post announcements, upload documents, post videos, share information and check in with each other all in one place. 

This video tutorial goes through all of the details of creating a Google "class". 

Getting Started with Google Classroom | EDTech Made Easy - GOOGLE CLASSROOM TUTORIAL

Keep in mind this video is specific to starting a class for a school, however she goes through all of the details about what is available on Google classroom. Whenever she says "class" think 4-H CLUB. 


Feel like really digging into EdTech? Ed Puzzle is a neat way to share information that you might share at a club or project meeting and add questions to engage your learners. Sign up for free and "unleash the power of video learning". 

How to Use EDpuzzle to Create Video-based Lessons |10:30

Basic Tutorial on How to Use EdPuzzle | 3:38

Montana 4-H Activities to Do at Home

More "At Home" Activities 

Non-4-H Sponsored Resources 

Resources Offered by 4-H Programs around the Country   

Comprehensive lists of 4-H Resources 


Facebook Live 


  • QuaranTEEN (Arizona)  The AZ4-H QuaranTEEN Project is a daily virtual meet up focused on a specific project.  These virtual meet ups will focus on continuing project work while you are social distancing. These meetings are for Arizona 4-H youth who want to help determine the daily challenges generating social media content around the specific project. 
  • Spring at the Farm Zoom Series (Wisconsin) 15 minute live videos- evening courses 
  • Living Room Learning (Nebraska) Hands-on virtually guided activity where they will learn about healthy living, science, technology, and more! 

YouTube/Pre-Recorded Videos 

Grab and Go Resources  


Stay tuned for more additions to this list!