Download weed post on "Montana's Noxious Weeds" now available as electronic flipbook as PDF (includes word puzzle)

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Noxious weed management begins with correct identification of the target weed. Since 2001, Montana State University Extension has published “Montana’s Noxious Weeds,” (publication #EB0159) a spiral-bound pocket guide for identifying noxious weeds. Over 100,000 copies have been distributed across the state in the last 17 years. The publication has been revised as new weeds are added to the state noxious weed list.  

Access to information about noxious weeds has changed over the years due to technological advances. In response to these changes, “Montana’s Noxious Weeds” is now available as an electronic flipbook. Mobile device users can download the book for free from the MSU Extension store ( The new flipbook includes key characteristics of 35 noxious weeds and five regulated plants, colorful photographs of each species, and links to MSU Extension and USDA-NRCS publications that describe plants in more detail, including integrated management recommendations.

The flipbook can be downloaded onto computers and mobile devices, making it  accessible even when Wi-Fi is unavailable. Links within the download providing management recommendations, however, are only available with a Wi-Fi signal. This flipbook will serve as a useful tool in the field for noxious weed managers, land owners, recreationalists, and others who may wonder if an unknown plant is a noxious weed and how to best manage it.

In addition to the flipbook, printed copies of “Montana’s Noxious Weeds” can be purchased for $4.95 each, and there is a high-resolution PDF available for download. Several other Extension weed publications have been updated in the last year, including a booklet on weed management on small

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At type in the name of the publication or the common name of the weed into the “Search” box and then hit “Enter” or click on the magnifying glass icon.

acreages (formerly called “The Tips Booklet”). Publications can be ordered from MSU Extension Publications at (406) 994-3273 or For the weed identification book, search for “Montana’s Noxious Weeds” or “EB0159;” publications about identification, biology, and management of specific species can be found by searching with the weed’s common name. Updated publications are available for the following weeds: black henbane, cheatgrass, hoary alyssum, houndstongue, knapweeds, knotweed complex, medusahead, orange and meadow hawkweed complex, oxeye daisy, perennial pepperweed, poison hemlock, saltcedar, St. Johnswort, western salsify, and yellow starthistle. In the last year, new publications about common buckthorn and ventenata have also been published