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Welcome to the MSU Extension Invasive Plants monthly weed post, a bulletin featuring a noxious weed, interesting research, or a timely issue related to weed management. If you would like to receive the Monthly Weed Post via email, please send a request to [email protected].


Monthly posts are listed in descending order, grouped by year.  The Southern Agricultural Research Center provides a Searchable Database of Monthly Weed Posts.

  1. 2024 Weed Posts
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2024 Weed Posts

2023 Weed Posts

2022 Weed Posts

2021 Weed Posts

2020 Weed Posts

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Further Information

If you would like to receive the Monthly Weed Post via email, please contact Jane Mangold at [email protected]

There is a searchable database of these monthly weed posts, provided the MSU Southern Agricultural Research Center.


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