The AEZ is a zone up to 100 feet around the application area intended to protect workers and others from pesticide exposure during applications. The AEZ exists only during outdoor pesticide applications. Employers must not allow anyone to enter the AEZ within the boundaries of their property. Once application is completed the AEZ no longer exists, however there may be an REI for the treated area. Only trained handlers may enter the AEZ starting January 2, 2017. 



The above diagram shows the AEZ in red as it moves with the application equipment.


If someone is located in or enters the AEZ, even off the property being treated, the handler must stop application and assess the situation. If the person is willing to move out of the AEZ, application can resume. This requirement goes into effect January 2, 2018.



The above diagram shows a field being treated next to a neighboring field with workers present. The applicator halts pesticide application due to people in the AEZ. The people are able to move and application resumes.


If the applicator stops application due to a person in the AEZ and they are not willing to move the handler can assess the situation to determine if the person is likely to be exposed to the pesticide application. If the wind is favorable the application can resume. If the wind is not favorable, the application must cease until the person is no longer in the AEZ.



If an applicator halts pesticide application due to people in the AEZ the applicator may assess whether those people will be exposed if application resumes. In this case the wind is favorable and application resumes. 

Size of AEZ

The size of the AEZ is dependent on the pesticide application method and spray quality. Spray quality is determined by the nozzle design, system pressure and speed of equipment.

Minimum 100 feet

The AEZ must be at least 100 feet if the pesticide is applied by air, air blast, as a spray using a spray quality smaller than medium or as a fumigant, smoke, mist or fog.

Minimum 25 feet

The AEZ must be at least 25 feet if the pesticide is not applied in a manner described for an 100 foot AEZ and is sprayed from a height greater than 12 inches from the soil using a spray quality of medium or larger.


No AEZ is required when the pesticide application does not fall under those described for 100 foot or 25 foot AEZs.