Key Requirements

  • Training must be completed prior to workers entering a treated area or before a handler conducts a handling task.
  • Training must be completed by a certified trainer.
  • Training must be completed annually.
  • Training must be done in a way workers and handlers can understand. 
  • Materials must be EPA-approved.
  • Records must be kept for 2 years.


Workers and handlers are exempt from training if they are certified applicators or certified crop advisors. Additionally, workers are exempt if they have received handler training within the last 12 months. Immediate family is exempt from training requirements.

Qualified Trainers

Certified applicators of restricted-use pesticides, EPA, state or tribal certified trainers and those who have completed an EPA-approved pesticide safety train-the-trainer program can train workers and handlers.


Training must be completed using EPA-approved materials and presented either orally from written materials or audio-visually. The information must be presented in a manner in which the workers and handlers can understand, utilizing translators if necessary. The trainer must be present at the training to answer questions and to ensure the training is free from distractions.

Criteria for worker and handler training is outlined in detail in Appendix B of the How to Comply WPS Manual (page 110).

EPA-Approved Training Materials