The Executive Committee shall be composed of six council members inclduing President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, and Senior Ambassador. This committee shall have the supervision over matters of general interest to the organization, shall act as a planning committee in the preparation of the county 4-H yearly program of work (calendar), and may meet to attend to council business between the regular meetings of the council.

Teton County 4-H Fair
The Teton County 4-H Fair committee shall coordinate the 4-H fair activities, publicity and assist with displaying exhibits at the Teton County 4-H Fair.

Shall meet regularly to attend to livestock areas of 4-H, including the fair, animal husbandry education, safety and rules regarding the care and keeping of 4-H animals and the sale of 4-H market animals.

Budget & Audit
The committee will arrange for the audit the 4-H council treasurer books between terms and establish a budget for the 4-H year.
If you would like a copy of 4-H Council budget, please contact [email protected] 

The Awards Committee will secure donors for trophies and awards for various 4-H activities.

The Textile Committee will oversee textile educational events, offerings and competitions.

Forms rules and guidelines for an Exchange gourp consisting of leaders and members from Teton County to host and travel to other states.

The committee will oversee equine education events, rules, regulations and safety of 4-H horse related events and contests.

Record Book
The committee will establish guidelines for record book completion and will reveiw record books as submitted.          

Communications Committee
The committee will promote development of skills in the area of communications through educational events, training and competition.