The mission of the Teton County 4-H Council is to support the educational and leadership opportunities for Teton County 4-H members and leaders.


  • To maintain and strengthen the 4-H program by assisting Montana State University Extension.
  • To promote educational 4-H club, county, state and national activities.
  • To give leaders and members a forum for offering suggestions, exchanging ideas, completing county/district/state activities or projects, and to develop a comprehensive county 4-H program.
  • To plan and conduct fundraising and/or to oversee the fiscal management of accounts and property held in the name of the Teton County 4-H Council. 

Council Membership:

All certified volunteer leaders and junior leaders are eligible for membership. Meetings are open to all  4-H members/volunteers/leaders/parents. 

Council Committees:

  • Executive
  • Teton 4-H Fair
  • Livestock Committee
  • Budget and Audit Committee
  • Awards
  • Textile Committee
  • Exchange Committee
  • Horse Committee
  • Record Book Committee


Read the 4-H Council Constitution

4-H Council Minutes
If you would like a copy of 4-H Council minutes, please contact [email protected]